October is National Toilet Tank Repair Month and more October Trivia

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Did you know that October is toilet tank repair month? While this sounds silly, repair of toilet tanks is a serious matter, or so I learned as I sat on hold on the phone with the U.S. Census bureau Foreign Trade information call line.

Recently I had the misfortune of being on hold on a call to the Census bureau information line. I had no idea that while on hold, you get to listen to a stream of sometimes interesting, sometimes useless bits of trivia for the month of the year you are calling. These streams of trivia are Public Information announcements.

October is national toilet tank repair month, which is actually quite serious because one in every four toilet tanks leak and waste more than 70,000 gallons of water a year. Since many areas of the country have a water shortage, this is very important.

Did you know that the U.S. uses 400 billion gallons of water daily for all uses, which works out to an average of 1,400 gallons of water for every person in this country every single day.

More fun trivia I learned

The internet was first introduced 40 years ago this month. The introduction was part of the U.S. Defense Department's Afranet program. The very first use of the internet was between Stanford University and UCLA. Within a year, ten university campuses were connected. In 1982, the symbol @ was selected to symbolize the internet.

As of October this year, six out of ten houses in the country have access to the internet. Fifty percent of houses with internet use broadband connections which costs an average of $50 per household.

The first modern cell phone was introduced in October 1983 on Amtrak.

There are now over 200 million cell phone users in the U.S.

Three years ago, in October, the three hundred millionth child was born in the United States. This was likely a girl born in Chicago.
The two hundred millionth child was born in 1969, while the one hundred millionth child was born between the years of 1910 - 1920.

The next census will be taken in 2010. The estimated total number of people to be counted is three hundred ten million.

I actually called the Census bureau, division of Foreign Trade to get information about the codes required on the new forms for mailing packages overseas. I never got an answer because my call was ultimately cut off, but for more information about mailing packages overseas, click here.

I can't wait for November to learn the November trivia.

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