Taco Bell jumps on weight-loss bandwagon with "Drive-Thru Diet"

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Move over, Jared. There’s a new fast-food weight-loss champ in town.

Her name is Christine, and Taco Bell has her as the star of its new advertising campaign. Taco Bell’s “Drive-Thru Diet” follows in the footsteps of Subway’s famous spokesperson by touting its reduced-calorie menu options as a key component of an successful weight loss program – 54 pounds, in Christine’s case.

The “Drive-Thru Diet” promotes Taco Bell’s “Fresco” menu, whose tacos and burritos have anywhere from 20 to 100 fewer calories than their regular menu counterparts, with most of the reductions in the area of calories from fat. Items on the Fresco menu are topped with a “fiesta salsa” of diced tomatoes, onions, and cilantro instead of the iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese and sour cream found on their regular menu counterparts.

While Taco Bell is careful to hedge its bets – on the “Drive-Thru Diet” Web site, Christine says that the diet is “not a weight loss program” and adds that she made “other sensible choices” to reduce her daily caloric intake by 500 calories to 1250 calories a day, and Taco Bell adds a disclaimer noting that exercise also needs to be part of the program and the menu items are not low calorie foods – the Web site and ad campaign are clearly designed to leave the viewer with the impression that one can achieve significant weight loss simply by consuming Taco Bell’s reduced-calorie, lower-fat food options.

Reading Christine’s testimony, it becomes clear that the diet has an additional required component: time. Christine’s 54-pound weight drop took place over the course of two years – that’s an awful lot of Fresco burritos and tacos to consume. But the campaign is sure to strike a chord with weight-conscious Americans in much the same way Jared did with his reduced-fat Subway sandwiches.

Written by Sandy Smith
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