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Kevin Costner Makes Bid to Get Oil Out of Gulf Water

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Oil and water don't mix, but millions of barrels of oil on the ocean can't just be skimmed off. Which is why officials in Louisiana's coastal parishes have quickly embraced a device actor Kevin Costner says could clean up the massive spill from a leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.

The device Costner is pushing as a solution that will clean up the mess in the Gulf was developed by his brother, who created it along with a team of scientists; the actor put up the funding for its. It's a centrifuge that Costner claims can separate oil from water at rates as high as 200,000 gallons (4700 barrels) a minute.

He says, it removes 99 percent of the oil from the water.

Costner has been demonstrating the device in communities throughout southern Louisiana in hopes of building support for a demonstration project on the spill itself. In his demonstrations, the machine separated 97 percent of the diesel fuel in a tub of water.

* VIDEO: Costner Shows Device Separating Water from Oil

St. Bernard Parish president Craig Taffaro told New Orleans TV station WDSU that he and his counterparts along the Louisiana coast will push Federal officials to deploy the device on a demonstration basis. Machines being demonstrated separate oil from water at rates from five to 200 gallons a minute.

Written by Sandy Smith


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All the while we continue to use their products. While the single most largest oil spill in history of man kind takes place in our backyards. NO It's not called American Petroleum.

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