Nevada candidate proposes pay-to-speed plan

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In order to fill his cash-strapped state's coffers, Nevada gubernatorial candidate Eugene "Gino" DeSimone has come up with a novel proposal: A payment of $25 would be fine for speeding.

That's correct: Nevada motorists would be able to pay for the privilege of doing up to 90 miles per hour on certain state roads. The $25 fee would allow a motorist to drive at 90 for a 24-hour period from the time of payment.

The independent candidate says his proposal, which he calls the "free limit plan," would bring in $1 billion a year for the state treasury.

Nevada state troopers cool to pay-to-speed proposal

In order to be eligible for the program, a driver's car would have to pass a state safety inspection. Vehicle information would then be loaded into a database, and the motorist would have to purchase a transponder.

Once the motorist's account is set up and the transponder activated, the driver could call a number, charge $25 to a credit or debit card, and enjoy legal speeding for 24 hours.

The Nevada Highway Patrol is cool on the proposal, saying it would lead to increased highway deaths. Highway safety studies have shown that traffic accidents and fatalities both increase as average highway speeds increase.

Source: Associated Press

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