RETRACTION: Reports of FEMA oil spill evacuation plans false

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Officials in Hillsborough County, Florida, have informed the news media that reports of emergency plans to evacuate several Gulf Coast cities, including the Tampa Bay region, prior to setting fires in the Gulf of Mexico to burn off oil leaking from the damaged Deepwater Horizon well are false.

The reports, including an earlier story on this site, originated with an article with a Tampa Bay-area contributor to Fox Tampa Bay quotes Hillsborough County Emergency Operations Center Manager Larry Gispert as saying the freelance writer who wrote the original article "dreamed up" the scenario.

Gispert added that any evacuation plan for the Tampa Bay region would not be kept secret. On the contrary, local news media would be notified immediately if a plan were to be implemented.

The original article, written by freelancer Maryann Tobin, has been removed from the site. We hereby retract our original report on the subject.

Written by Sandy Smith


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The article you are referring to has not been removed. It's on the front page. I think you people are dreaming. And IF THERE ARE NO PLANS to evacuate people with respiratory problems with billions of gallons of oil and methane gas in the Gulf - then Mr. Gispert is either dreaming himself or not doing his job.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
thats just it, there won't be any evacuation because the financiers behind bp and the US GOV want everyone, including you and your children to die a horribly terrible death, slow or fast. don't think so? think again.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
There will be no evacuations. That would undermine the entire motive for blowing up the rig and the oil spill whose flow has been protected by the govt- enlarging by the day. Depopulation, baby. Kill, baby kill.

Submitted by Poopyhead (not verified) on
On my way home from Georgia this weekend, I came through Montgomery by maxwell airforce base and saw signs directing FEMA trucks to a dirt road that leads behind the base. Why are FEMA trucks needed in Montgomery? Draw your own conclusions!

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