DivX and Quality Films New Content Partnership in Mexico

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DivX obtains rights to more than 500 films such as "Dirty Dancing," and "Out of Time"

DivX, Inc. and Quality Films today announced a partnership to bring more than 500 top feature films to Mexican audiences in the popular DivX format. DivX has obtained the rights to premium content such as "Dirty Dancing," and "Out of Time," as well as many other favorites.

The movies are licensed from Quality Films, a content provider in Mexico that owns distribution rights to hundreds of titles. All titles are encoded in the high quality, secure DivX format, compatible with millions of DivX Certified consumer electronics devices from major manufacturers.

OEMs who sell DivX Certified DVD players now have the opportunity to bundle Quality Films' titles in the DivX format with their devices.

DivX technology enables several movies to fit on a single DVD while maintaining high quality. In addition, the content is encoded by DivX and protected by the companyÂ’s digital rights management (DRM) technology.

"We decided to partner with DivX because of the high quality DRM and interoperability they offer," said Carlos Luiscastillo, Executive Vice President, Quality Films. "Distributing our extensive library of premium content in the DivX format will give our customers the flexibility to watch their favorite movies whenever and wherever they choose."

"By bundling Quality Films' premium content in the DivX format, consumers can enjoy high quality videos in a format that powers a common media language among an entire ecosystem of devices," said Aparna Vashisht-Rota, Business Development and Content Acquisition at DivX, Inc. "DivX is well on its way to becoming a household name in Mexico, as we expand our efforts to make media better on a global scale."

In addition to creating a high quality viewing experience, DivX empowers consumers to take their favorite videos beyond the PC--content is easily transferred among an entire ecosystem of DivX Certified devices and platforms including DVD players, portable media players, video game consoles, in car DVD players and more - DivX.

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