Small Talk: Conversations About Nanotechnology

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The Exploratorium offers a new audio podcast series on nanotechnology called SmallTalk. Will nanotechnology dramatically change our world through revolutions in electronics, medicine, energy, and materials? In this nano variety show, explore this new science and what it could mean. SmallTalk is released on the 15th of the month through Spring 2007. Subscribe through iTunes, or visit The podcasts are made possible with the support of the National Science Foundation.

In each episode, a scientist tells us about their cutting edge research in nanotechnology. Then, our essayist for the month tells what they think about the issues surrounding nanotechnology -- the hope, the hype, the fears. And we'll challenge you to our Nano News or Nano Nonsense news quiz!
SmallTalk is hosted by the Exploratorium Teacher Institute's Stephanie Chasteen in collaboration with science writer Karen Schmidt.

The SmallTalk schedule is as follows:

January 2007: Nanograffiti: Building from the Atoms Up

Listen as we chat with IBM Fellow Dr. Don Eigler, who first used a scanning tunneling microscope to demonstrate the ability to build structures at the atomic level by spelling "IBM" with individual atoms. Also, meet Tom Rockwell, Director of Public Exhibition at the Exploratorium, who describes, in an audio essay, how he imagines the land of the very small.

February 2007: Vroom! Nanocars and Nanomanufacturing

In this edition of SmallTalk, we hear from the man who builds the world's smallest vehicles. He calls them "nanocars." Dr. Jim Tour, a chemist at Rice University, tells us about his nanocars and how he thinks they might lead to nano-sized factories. We'll also hear from University of Florida graduate student Diane Hickey, who will tell us some of the interesting reactions she's run into when explaining nanotechnology.

March 2007: Nano for Sale: Consumer Products Using Nanotechnology

We often think of nanotechnology as something that's not going to happen until some far-off science future. But we'll be talking about the science present - nanotechnology products that you could go out and buy right now. --

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