Walgreens Starts Free Blood Glucose Testing

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Walgreens wants you to determine your risks for diabetes by offering free blood glucose testing. With 5.7 million undiagnosed diabetic Americans walking around, this could be a chance to get blood sugar levels checked for free. Their online site shows which of the select Walgreens stores and Take Care Clinic locations that are participating in the program.

Screening dates are from February 5 to 18. By searching for a specific location, the address and times the testing will take place can be viewed by scrolling down, no appointments are necessary. Oprah also featured a special on this program. She offers further information on her website.

The blood glucose testing at Walgreens is only available for people over 18 years of age and claims shouldn't be submitted to any insurers. The results of the screenings do not take the place of a full diabetes diagnosis, or a plan for diabetes treatment. The presence or absence of any other health condition will not be evaluated.

Knowing the risks however, of whether a person is in pre-diabetes stage or has already developed the disease, is what's the most important.

Written by Amy Munday


Submitted by robert connolley (not verified) on
I need my son to get tested. He is 55 years old and needs to get it done.

I heard a statistic that said one in four adults over 55 has some form of diabetes. That is alarming and says we are not eating right and taking care of ourselves.

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