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Oregon May Limit School To 4 Days To Save Money

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Klamath County School officials in Oregon are choosing saving money over traditional 5 day school weeks. Cutting the fifth day of the week would apparently save them $6.3 million annually. Budget cuts in the millions are forcing the county to make tough decisions.

"I think we've seen all over the state, programs getting cut, class sizes going up, employee groups having to make concessions," Thede said. "These times we're going through right now are unprecedented. It's tough."

Adding the lost hours onto the 4 days is more affordable and will allow them to keep up with state hourly requirements.

Klamath Falls Association of Classified Employees is the union that represents classified staff, such as teaching assistants, cooks, custodians, secretaries and bus drivers. The amount of staff that would lose a day of pay is estimated around 380.

A teacher on the 4-day a week committee explained Fridays would be used for mandated teacher training days. With extra hours added to their daily week then a full day of training, the salary cuts might not pay off.

Jackson County schools have already switched to a 4-day school week. Herald and News reported $5.8 million had already been trimmed by cutting 45 teacher positions and eliminating middle and junior high sports.

Written by Amy Munday

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