The Largest Tax Return Filing Ever

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The largest tax return ever was filed by GE in 2007. The return consisted of over 24,000 pages, which Yahoo reports is nothing compared to the over 8 billion pages the Internal Revenue Service usually has to file through every April.

The IRS is doing what it can to save the 300,000 trees that have to be sacrificed for 8 billion pieces of paper by offering filing online. E-filing has been around since 1986, but not till this year, did it take over as a significant filing option.

E-filing saves time at the post office as well. The IRS reports its first success after the GE report from 2006 in 2007. "Having GE file electronically shows the program is working,” said IRS Commissioner Mark W. Everson. “Having the largest tax return is a major milestone for the corporate e-file program. I appreciate GE’s work to get this done.”

"The corporate e-file effort helps improve audit efficiency while reducing the cost of transcribing data from paper to the IRS database,” said Deborah Nolan, Commissioner of the IRS Large and Mid-Size Business Division. “We worked with tax professionals, software developers and corporate taxpayers to remove barriers to facilitate taxpayers’ ability to comply with the mandate. GE’s experience shows that taxpayers with very large and complex returns can e-file, and our systems can handle it.”

The over 135 million taxpayers in America can all learn something from General Electric. If a corporation as extensive and large as them can e-file, then any person or business can.

Written by Amy Munday


Submitted by Mike Vanni (not verified) on
I don't know where Amy did her research, but my company filed annual tax returns in the early years of this century that were in excess of 35,000 pages.

Submitted by alikh (not verified) on
Which one is your company Mike, that filed the largest tax return?

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