Cinco de Mayo History and Authentic Mexican Recipe Tricks for Americans

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Cinco de Mayo can be celebrated in more ways than beer this year. Recipes, tradition and Cinco de Mayo's history are all aspects that can make May 5 different and not a holiday that is a common misconception.

Cinco de Mayo is not an American or Mexican independence day. Viva Cinco de Mayo online explains Mexico's real independence day is September 15, 1810 when they declared their independence from Spain at midnight.

May 5 is still a historical day that does involve Mexican heritage. Cinco de Mayo, 1862 was the day 4,000 Mexican soldiers fought French and a traitor Mexican army outside of Mexico city. The French were apparently coming to a collect a debt then were supposed to leave.

French Emperor Napoleon III planned on staying in Mexico however. The brought a Hapsburg prince with their fleet to rule in Mexico. This was during the American civil war, meaning Mexico was on its own.

The French Army eventually lost because of overconfidence. They chased Colonel Diaz and his cavalry but were stuck in muddy terrain, storms and stampeding cattle. America later became involved by helping with men, materials and weapons to fight off the French together.

Now Cinco de Mayo is celebrated without this knowledge and the addition of margaritas and Tex-Mex food, but the internet can come to the rescue this year. Impress at a Cinco de Mayo party with historical knowledge of the holiday and some great recipes.

Instead of heading straight to the American grocery store, visit the local Mexican grocer and buy some authentic produce and spices for Cinco de Mayo recipes. Authentic chilis and peppers can kick any salsa up a notch.

Make real Mexican tacos with corn tortillas and carnitas meat instead of ground beef. Make traditional Mexican cocktails with watermelon or other fruits that grow naturally in Mexico. Cinco de Mayo can be memorable and exciting with these small recipe additions and historical knowledge.

Source: Viva Cinco De Mayo

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