Armenia to Present Ambitious "The City of the World" at Expo 2010

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Armenia will introduce their ambitious “The City of the World” project at the international Shanghai Expo 2010 starting May 1. The expo's theme is “Prosperous City, Prosperous Life,” making the innovative global city idea not only relevant, but revolutionary in its positive stance to reach international nations around the globe.

Nerses Yeritsyan, the Minister of Economy for Armenia as well as the country's commissioner general signed the contract to include Armenia in Expo 2010. The future of the Armenian people will be a main focus, along with the “influence of ancient civilizations on contemporary urban life.”

The global city would be set the beautiful Ararat valley of Armenia. International representatives will build their national district project within the city and create an environment that is favorable for all nationalities.

The project focuses on advanced technologies by reinstating the role of Armenian culture as a nation of creators. The city's construction will also be available virtually as part of their idea being consistently marketed toward today's technological advances.

The virtual model of Armenia's “The City of the World” project will be shown online at, as well as at Armenia's pavilion at Expo 2010.

The Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia stated “[the project] is expected to build from 5 to 7 multi-functional zones which will include hotels, houses, trade centers, recreation and health camps and cultural centers.”

World Expos have been occurring for over a century, with the first being London in 1851. The Expo 2010 is open to the public. Tickets can be purchased online.

Written by Amy Munday

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