Changing Font Saves Money on Ink Cartridges

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Saving money on expensive ink cartridges for home and office printers can be as easy as changing the font or printing on a regular basis. Kodak has also created more ways to save money on printing supplies by hosting a contest to market their money saving printers. Perhaps the days of overpriced ink cartridges are over.

Using a more ink friendly font can save consumers 31 percent on each ink cartridge purchase. The big winner in a study conducted by revealed Century Gothic is the most cost effective printing font. Next in line was Ecofont and the ever popular Times New Roman. Font size varied between 10 or 11 depending on the font style.

Two different printers were used in the study. "The Canon Pixma MP 210 was picked to simulate the printing of private users while the Brother HL-2140 laser printer was used to test business use." Both were set on default settings and pages were printed from a PDF format. (600 by 600 dpi)

Extending the life of a printer cartridge is important for money saving tactics. Printing in draft mode rather than a high quality print style saves printer ink. Keeping unused cartridges in dry areas that aren't subject to heat or coldness and never open the vacuum sealed packs until their ready for use.

Prevent nozzles from getting clumps of dried wasted ink by using the printer regularly. This is an odd instance where actually printing more saves money. The study suggested to print at least 1 page every week or every other week, minimum.

Kodak launched a marketing campaign to boost sales of their Kodak All-in-One printers that have longer lasting, more affordable ink. They launched the contest What Would You Do With An Extra Hundred Dollars? Youtubers made video vlogs of their choices, some getting over 1 million views.

Students, teachers, writers, photographers and small businesses can really benefit from saving money on printing supplies. Taking these extra steps or investing in a more affordable printer will increase competition for exorbitant printer costs and will hopefully bring costs down.

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I think combining it with using NON-OEM printer cartridges, it can save me a large amount of money on printing. using Non-OEM cartridges is another way to save money on printing, and they are really easy to get in online shops, they offer great service and good products

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