Obama To Vacation in Ashville's Grove Park Inn

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President Obama will be joining the list of 10 other presidents this weekend that have stayed at Asheville NC's Grove Park Inn. The vacation is on the down-low however, because it's a private weekend for Barack and Michelle only, no kids allowed.

Secret service agents will most likely be the only ones knowing exactly what the happy couple will be up to in Asheville. The Grove Park Inn accepts high-profile guests on the regular and has no problem showing them a good time in their beautiful mountainous town, still known for its medicinal clean air.

Spokeswoman Deborah Potter is refusing to disclose any of the couple's plans to the press. Reporters and spectators will be allowed to the watch Air Force One touch down in Asheville and then leave again on Sunday.

North Carolina is a politically divided state with left-leaning Asheville compared to many right-leaning rural areas. Residents will most likely be delighted to have the president within their vicinity.

The Grove Park Inn has plenty to offer for the sophisticated enthusiast or nature buff. Spas, wineries, gourmet dining, hikes, nature trails, golf and shopping are ever-present in Asheville.

The Biltmore Estate, the country's largest personally owned home in Asheville, would be a great day trip for the president Obama and the first lady.

Security will be on the high however, a ban on hot air balloons was even implemented. Perhaps the higher the security the more the famous couple will be able to sit back and relax for a few days.

Written by Amy Munday


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Once again the taxpayers get to pay for Obama and family get to play! I fail to see why Camp David, which is private and in the mountains not relaxing enough for our dear President! Oh,, wait..no spa! No golf course? No crowds to watch him make his entrance? In this day of huge unemployment and massive debt this President in ENTITLED TO A VACATION!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
camp david not good enoughstop spending and economize this is a christian nation

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
No matter where he would have gone, you all would complain. I for one want a well rested, relaxed leader running our country. A family weekend get away to a less than elitist fancy spot is a good every now and then.

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