The Perfect Mother's Day 2010 Books For Every Mom

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For some moms, the perfect Mother's Day gift for 2010 would be a day off with a good book. Reading is a nice except for moms that need a break from daily routines. See the newest releases that are perfect for a Mother's Day gift and relevant to the special holiday.

The first book was released in April, titled “Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?: A Mother's Guide to Sanity in Stilettos,” by Laura Bennett, shouldn't be judged by its title.

The book sounds like it might be tailored more toward moms who actually wear stilettos, but the humorous memoir is for any mom who revels in motherhood, sans mom-jeans and not showering for a week. Allow this Mother's Day 2010 gift find stand as an inspiration to moms that might need a fashion pick-me-up.

Another memoir on the Mother's Day book list, “The Gift of an Ordinary Day,” by Katrina Kenison is a glorious read for all moms who experience transitioning blues. Growing kids, career changes and societal demands leave this mom wondering where her sense of place is.

Another great Mother's Day 2010 book is “Just Let Me Lie Down: Necessary Terms for the Half-Insane Working Mom,” by Kristin van Ogrtop. More a compilation of sorts, this book covers a wide-range of common motherly issues organized alphabetically.

Now cookbooks are always a good fallback Mother's Day gift, but they must be carefully picked out and specific to individual moms. The “Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood: Stories and Recipes to Share with Family and Friends,” by of course, Trisha Yearwood is a fantastic find for country-music lovers.

This cookbook adds a new flair of down home to the millions of cookbooks out there or already sitting on your moms bookshelf. Cookbooks are nothing to Yearwood, making the collection new, but experienced in the art of entertaining and enjoying family with food.

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Barnes and Noble and their online store lists many more perfect Mother's Day books that are under $20 and easy to pair with almost any mom. When buying a book for Mother's Day, make sure to browse newer releases and already stocked shelves around the house to avoid gifting something already purchased.

Written by Amy Munday

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