Sears Jobs Rising As Careers Offered To 21,000

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Sears, currently number 48 on the top 100 Fortune 500 list, is advertising for employees, not products. Unemployment has been stuck around the 9 percent mark for some time now, but there are companies hiring. In fact, hiring in the thousands.

Sears has 21,800 positions open for willing and ready people to begin a new job. High unemployment is no longer an excuse to quit job searching. Positions are available for all levels within the company even corporate vice president.

UPS is hiring as well for any safe and diligent drivers that want to earn around $70k a year. Business Services, healthcare professionals, retail establishments and food service jobs are all currently available.

For nation struggling with high unemployment, there are a number of open positions for everyone of all levels of expertise and education. Perhaps everyone is searching for the perfect job that pays better than others, but working until the perfect job is found is possible.

Small business that have fared the economic recession will hopefully be hiring soon, but until then, searching the Fortune 500 list is good place to start job searching.

Everyone always says Walmart is hiring. Well Walmart is number one on the Fortune 500 list with almost a half million dollars in revenue. Manager positions pay extremely well for anyone feeling too qualified. Manager bonuses alone have been known to reach $100k.

Listening to the hype on unemployment is irrelevant. Getting a job is as easy as getting off the couch and asserting yourself. Working for large corporations doesn't have to be the answer to unemployment, but it can be the answer until finding a better job when the economy picks up more.

Written by Amy Munday

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