Simplicity and Graco Crib Recall: Immediately Stop Using

A Simplicity and Graco crib recall is effecting hundreds of thousands of consumers. Hardware failures in the structures of cribs in both companies has resulted in 1 death, 1 mild concussion and numerous entrapment and suffocation incidences. All of these recalled cribs should stop being used immediately.

GRACO Crib Recall

The Graco crib recall is due to drop side hardware breaking, resulting in the drop side completely detaching from the crib. Drop side failure causes young children to fall out of the crib but also become intwined in mattresses that aren't being properly supported.

The risk of suffocation and strangulation from the mattress malfunctions added more problems that spared the Graco crib recall into action. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission declared a voluntary recall today, but insists all recalled products should stop being used immediately.

The Graco crib recall directly involves LaJobi-manufactured Graco® wood cribs. Stop use of Ashleigh Drop Side, Hapton Drop Side, Jason Convertible Drop Side, Kendal Drop Side, Lauren Drop Side, Sarah Drop Side, Shannon Drop Side and Tifton Drop Side.

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Check if you own any of these cribs included in these recalls.

For Graco Crib recall product numbers, refer to the CPSC website. These drop side cribs were sold at children's product stores and other relevant retailers for $140 to $200 between February 2007 and March 2010. They were manufactured in Vietnam and China.

The LaJobi company can be contacted at  (888) 842-2215 anytime or online at for consumers to receive a free hardware retrofit grip to mobilize the drop side hardware.

Simplicity Crib Recall

The Simplicity crib recall involved Simplicity full-size cribs with tubular metal mattress-support frames. The fixed-side and drop-side cribs have risks of injury and death due to entrapment, strangulation, suffocation and falling hazards.

Reports of 1 child from North Attleboro, MA revealed the faulty crib caused death from suffocation when the he became trapped between the crib mattress and crib frame on April 2008. There are 13 other injuries reported from similar incidences that resulted in the Simplicity crib recall.

The Simplicity crib recall does include contact info or repair kits because the company is out of business. CPSC demands consumers do not try to fix these faulty cribs. All Simplicity drop side cribs were recalled previously for similar hardware malfunctions.

The Simplicity crib recall includes Aspen 4-in-1, Chelsea Deluxe 4-in-1 Convertible Sleep System, Graco 4-in-1 Ultra Sleep System, Graco Aspen 3-in1, Simplicity Crib and Changer Combo, Simplicity Ellis Deluxe 4-in-1 Convertible Sleep System and Simplicity Nursery-in-a-Box Convertible Crib.

Walmart, Target, Babies R Us are other retail stores nationwide sold the Simplicity recalled cribs for $150 and $300.

Written by Amy Munday


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Submitted by T. Brown (not verified) on
I contacted my local target today and to get instructions as to how to handle this situation. Target does not have the recall listed on their website and I was told that I cannot do anything about it until Target acknowledges the recall. I am expecting baby number 2 in 10 days and was planning on passing this particular crib down to my second son. I would like to get this issue resolved ASAP.

Submitted by Kim (not verified) on
T. Brown, I hope this message reaches you in time, I read your comment and I as well have a Simplicity crib and I am saving it for my next child. However, I called my local Target staore, where my crib was purchased in October 2007 and they gave me a corporate Target number to call. So I called them and they instructed me to deessemble the crib, and take it to my local Target store and give them the item number they provided me with and they would issue me a store credit for the price of the crib. I can not imagine the frustration you are going through with having another child in 10 tens and nowhere for it to sleep. (Not that they sleep there right away, but still). So, I would love to give you the item number to get yours taken care of as well. Please email me back @ as soon as you get this. Kim

Submitted by Bran (not verified) on
I have the Milan 4 in 1 by Simplicity and I am expecting our 3rd Child in August.... The recall does not say anything about the Milan Set.... but it has the metal frame that it talks about...... Is this not apart of the recall?????

Submitted by Trish (not verified) on
I have the milan 4 in one. If you go to you will read that all cribs that have that frame support are included. The company shut down so they cannot give exact models of all the cribs. Verbatim it says " all simplicity cribs with tubular metal mattress support frames regardless of model number. I contacted k mart and they told me that they are only taking back the ellis model of crib. our crib has that frame too and i want it taken care of so im going as high as i have to in order to get it resolved.

Submitted by Amanda (not verified) on
I am expecting a baby in 6 weeks. I was given an Ellis 4 in 1 crib by a friend. She bought the crib at a store that is now out of business. The model number for my crib is 8674. The site that I found with a list of the recalled cribs says that the model number for the Ellis crib that is recalled is 8676. I am confused because my crib has the metal frame and is an Ellis 4 in 1. Is there more than 1 Ellis 4 in 1 models? Do you think that my crib is recalled?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I have the Ellis also, and it is included. I talked to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and they said that the list of model #'s is incomplete because they don't have all the info available since Simplicity is out of business. Any Simplicity crib with that metal tubular frame is included, regardless of the model #. The down side is that the retailers have control over what they will reimburse. The CPSC told me that many are cooperating, but some aren't offering much if anything. I've been getting the run around from the place I bought one of mine from (both of mine are under this recall!). Unfortunately, if the store your crib was purchased from is out of business, you won't get any benefit from the recall. I hope you can find a safe crib for your little one soon!

Submitted by M (not verified) on
Called Target store and corp# and was told until my model # is on THERE LIST of recall models to just wait and not use the crib... even though I told them the recall is for: ALL Simplicity cribs with tubular metal mattress-support frames regardless of model number. I asked what if my model number is not on your list? Then I mUST SHOW PROOF of purchuse.. really! The crib was on my registry from 2yrs ago! They don''t have the regisry anymore and they person who bought it for me doesn't have the recipit.. errr! Hopefully they put my model # on there... i'm expecting another baby in 1 month.. wasn't expecting to have to buy another crib =(

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I had one of the older Simplicity Crib Recall that was recalled a while back. I didnt know what to do as I was pregnant with my third wanted to use that crib. I found out the company is no longer, so I called my walmart where I got it. Didnt have a receipt at all for it as I had it for almost 2 yrs by then, and they still took it back. What they did is put it in their system and the amount it came up in the register was the amount they gave back on a gift card for me. They took the crib and I was able to get one that didnt have a drop side and cheaper! The rest of the money I had used for others thing the baby needed. So if you have a Simplicity Crib that was recalled get a hold of where you bought it from!

Submitted by MA (not verified) on
I have a graco simplicity crib with the tubular metal frame but I don't see a model number anywhere. It was a gift to me and I believe from Walmart because that is where I was registered. I've searched online where to find the model # and I've came up with it being included in an envelope. However, the crib is 3 years old and I cannot find the envelope anywhere. Anyone know of how I can get this information?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I have this crib and have called both my target and wal-mart and both are willing to do the exchange...To find your model number try picking up your mattress and looking on the bars. On my there was a piece of paper that said to leave on which oddly enough i did and luckily it was there. All model numbers are recalled tho..Best of luck!

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