Airline to Charge for In-Flight Toilet Use

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Ryanair is an airline famous for selling cheap tickets in Europe, but also for odd innovations. Last year, it was the first airline to allow cell phone use in flight. Now, they are the first to charge for in flight toilet use.

It seems, nothing is off-limits anymore when it comes to air travel and the accompanying fees. Ryanair is only a hallmark of what is to come.

The no-frills airline is currently in planning stages with Boeing to develop coin-operated toilets. Oddly enough, they are also drawing out plans to actually reduce the number of lavatories on board its 168 planes.

Ryanair is expected to charge approximately $1.30 for toilet use on flights that last longer than an hour. A Ryanair official speaking to The Daily Mail said of the move: “By charging for the toilets we are hoping to change passenger behavior so that they use the bathroom before or after the flight.”

Recently, American discount carrier, Spirit announced that it would charge for carry-on luggage - the first airline in the U.S. to do so. The charge will be for customers to store their luggage in overhead bins. Passengers may have to pay up to $45 each way to store their bags if they do not reserve a spot beforehand. A reserved bin, however, will cost only $30.

Last year, Ryanair became the first airline to allow cell phone use in flight – when the plane is actually in the air. The company is also planning to raise checked-bag fees by 33 percent in time for summer travel.

Written by Lani Shadduck


Submitted by Sandi Bird (not verified) on
Although I don't agree with pay toilets on any flight, what about those trans-atlantic flights that last 7-8 hours? "Going" before and after doesn't work on long flights. Sounds like they're also trying to cut down on beverage consumption...A rip-off!

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