Bank and USPS Schedules for Good Friday

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Good Friday means that Easter’s just around the corner; and for many, it means figuring out what exactly is open such as banks or the post office. Technically, Good Friday is not a designated federal holiday, as such banks are not required by law to close. It is also not a USPS holiday.

The good news is that business can go on as usual on Good Friday. For those who have last minute banking or postal needs, there is no worry about holiday closings. Generally banks are open on Good Friday. The United States Postal Service operates as well. The same goes for the Monday following Easter.

However, some banks do observer Good Friday and Easter Monday. The laws vary from state to state depending on where one lives. It is considered a state holiday in some states such as Hawaii and Indiana.

Good Friday is a Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. It also marks the culmination of events in Holy Week including the Last Supper, Palm Sunday and the washing of the disciples’ feet by Jesus.

For the most accurate information about bank closings, one should call one’s local bank ahead of time. The United States Postal service is open too, despite a new call for stopping mail service on Saturdays. Federal holidays, where banks and the post office are closed include: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, MLK Day, President’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Written by Lani Shadduck

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