Brian J. Hogan Sold iPhone 4G to Gizmodo For $5,000

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The mystery man who found and subsequently sold Apple’s now infamous missing iPhone 4G has finally surfaced – his name is Brian J. Hogan. A 21-year-old Redwood City, Calif., resident, Hogan has managed to keep his identity secret from the blogosphere for a record time, that is until, the police got involved.

Brian J. Hogan, the story goes, was at that very beerhall when the missing iPhone was kindly pointed out to him. Somebody had asked him if it was his. After picking up the phone and trying to find its owner, Hogan left the bar, with iPhone in tow. Little did he know what import this, in all other places, unremarkable, action, would have.

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Following the iPhone’s release into the blogosphere, rumors swirled that the iPhone finder, aka, Hogan, tried to contact Apple but to no avail. In reality, Hogan didn’t call Apple (a friend offered, but wasn’t given the chance), nor did he report the phone’s finding to the bar. Instead, Hogan went on to contact several tech websites, including Gizmodo, which shelled out a cool $5,000 for the device.

Hogan says he regrets the whole incident, and has hired an attorney just in case. According to, which ran a story identifying Brian J. Hogan as the iPhone culprit, social networking sites like Facebook all led to Hogan. Furthermore, CNET is reporting that Hogan may have had some extra help in finding a potential buyer for the phone.

They have identified Hogan’s helper as 27-year-old, Sage Robert Wallower, who is a UC Berkeley student. He supposedly acted as middle man for Hogan and contact various tech sites to see which one would bite.
Brian J. Hogan, may not have meant for it to happen, however his actions may lead to criminal charges. In California, the law isn’t “finder’s keepers,” rather a property may be considered stolen if the finder hasn’t attempted to find its true owner.

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The only thing this guy is sorry about is getting found out! He obviously is greedy and has no principles. Just like the MAJORITY OF THE WORLD!

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