2012 Mercedes CLS Revealed: Four Animal Hides In Every Model

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Mercedes-Benz released official information and photography for the follow-up to its groundbreaking 2012 CLS “four door coupe” that started a new market niche. The first CLS has found around 170,000 buyers worldwide; can Mercedes keep a good thing going this time around?

Reimaging a design that was so revolutionary for its day is a tricky proposition. Time has moved on, as have safety regulations and Mercedes has had to account for that. Pedestrian safety regulations in Europe require more blunt front ends and you can see that in the CLS’s front grille. As if to compensate, the sides of the new CLS are more creased, muscular and curvaceous.

Mercedes has added more than a dollop of technology to the new CLS. The most visible bit of technological wizardry are full LED headlamps. There are a total of 71 LED’s used in the headlight. Light signatures seem to preoccupy all automotive stylists these days and Mercedes promises that the new headlights on the CLS will be unmistakable at night while providing excellent illumination.

Four animal skins in each 2012 Mercedes CLS

Also receiving a lot of attention is the new CLS’s interior. One line that really popped out of the press release is the statement that “Four animal skins are processed for each CLS.” Mercedes goes into even more detail about the leather, “The natural pore structure remains intact thanks to a light pigmentation, and the leather has an especially warm and soft feel to it. Premium leather requires a very precise manual selection process and therefore a high amount of raw leather.” It is rather uncommon these days for a manufacturer to brag about the high number of animals used in their product.

The CLS has been a brilliant way for Mercedes to repackage the E-Class mechanicals and collect new buyers and more profits. Rather than upsetting the applecart, the brand has touched up the sedan’s looks and added some of the latest gadgets to keep the money rolling in for another six or seven years. The 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS will make its official debut at the Paris Motor show which will be held between October 2nd and 17th, 2010.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Four animals times 170,000 cars makes a total of 680,000 dead animals. Congratulations for the killing, you should give out a formaldehyde whale as a prize for the millionth customer.

Submitted by I Feel Sick (not verified) on
I wonder did they tell the prospective buyers ''We used four dead animals to make each model?'' I doubt that very much. 'Four animals times 170,000 cars makes a total of 680,000 dead animals.' - And the rest! Don't forget the ones who didn't make the grade due to their very precise manual selection process. I was looking to buy a Mercedes, but certainly will not now.

Submitted by Mike D (not verified) on
I do not have a car to drive for several reasons,1 because of boycotting BP,2 I would never get a car with leather interior. Mercedez,you should stop supporting animal cruelty,and make your interiors all cloth,animal free. Shame on you,you should be called MASSACRE BENZ

Submitted by angelabove (not verified) on
Please I urge you to stop using leather. Every time I see leather, it reminds that animals literally get their skin ripped off of them by a machine, they are still alive and suffer much for the most part. Look on the net and you will find these videos easily displaying this. These are God's creatures, not man's. Please stop using animal hides as fabric.

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