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Government To Recalled Toyota Owners: Stop Driving, Seek Repair

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The US Government is now advising owners of recalled Toyota vehicles to stop driving their cars and take them in for repairs.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has just taken his war of words against Toyota to a whole new level.

Over the past few days LaHood has shown increasing vitriol towards the Japanese auto company, calling Toyota "A little safety deaf" and insinuating that the US had to prod Toyota into doing the right thing.

Today, while appearing in front of a House Appropriations subcommittee, LaHood issued his sharpest words yet on the matter, issuing a "Stop driving" advisory.

LaHood's recommendation impacts 2.3 million cars and could cause a veritable panic as owners rush to get their vehiles repaired and dealers become overwhelmed.

Any doubters to the fact that people will panic only need to be reminded about the time when when the goverment advised people to buy plastic sheeting and duct tape in case of a terror attack.

Toyota has yet to respond to this latest goverment warning.

Written by Michael Sheena

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