John and Elizabeth Edwards' Marriage Splits Up

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Former Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth Edwards have officially split up, according to a news report on CNN on January 27, 2010. The announcement of the split comes after last week's confession that John Edwards had fathered a child with his mistress. John Edwards, 56, had admitted that he had an affair with Rielle Hunter, but had maintained that the was not the father of her baby.

People Magazine is reporting the story of Elizabeth's Breaking Point as their cover story of this week's issue. According to the People report, Elizabeth Edward's breaking point was meeting her husband's love child in December, 2009. Edwards met 23 month old Frances Quinn Hunter in a meditated visit in a hotel in North Carolina.

John and Elizabeth Edwards, who have been marred for 33 years, are now legally separated and living in separate residences. Elizabeth Edwards is living in their Chapel Hill, NC mansion. John Edwards is living in their beach house, called 'the barn', 150 miles away.

Elizabeth Edwards has gained public sympathy and support for handling the publicity regarding her husband's infidelity with dignity and class. Elizabeth Edwards is currently undergoing treatment for terminal cancer. Although she has had divorce papers drawn up for a year, whether she files for divorce or not will most likely depend upon her health.

Elizabeth Edwards described her reaction to learning about her husband's extramarital affair in her book, 'Resilience.' Elizabeth Edwards wrote that her husband had confessed his 'indiscretion' to her December 30, 2006, after returning from a tour to announce that he was running for President.

John Edwards met Reille Hunter. while he was on the campaign trial. According to a excerpt from Resilience, Hunter approached the handsome candidate and suggested that she travel with him to make videos of him as he worked. Elizabeth Edwards wrote that she never would have expected her husband to respond to a come-on from another woman. Elizabeth's description of learning about her husband's infidelity would describe the feelings of so many women who have been betrayed.

John Edwards and Elizabeth Edwards are now legally separated and living apart. John Edward's infidelity has cost his marriage and his political future.

Written by Christine Nyholm

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