Health care bill may turn to insurance reform

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The White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told CNN on January 31, 2010 that the focus is shifting from health care reform to health insurance reform. The future of health care reform is up in the air as a result of the failure so far to pass a heath care bill because of the inability of Democrats to pass the reform that was one of President Barack Obama's campaign promises.

Gibbs told CNN's 'State of the Union' that the health care bill was 'still inside the five – yard line.' This comment contradicted David Axelrod's earlier statement that the bill was on the one yard line, inferring that it was close to passing.

It is partisan politics as usual in Washington D.C., where the Republicans and Democrats cannot seem to come together for the benefit of the American people. It is time for all parties to come together to make sure that all American citizens have access to health care. Whether it is via a public heath care plan or through health insurance reform.

According to CNN,in the article Focus of health care bill may be changing, officials signal, Gibbs did not provide any details about the strategy or a process to reform health insurance. Of course, the heath insurance companies, medical professions and drug companies have powerful political lobbies working to make sure that reforms do not impact their profitable bottom line. The massive special interests insure that in the end it will be the American people who pay, whether it is through health reform or heath insurance reform.

While the politicians are at it, maybe they could take steps to bring industry back to America and provide jobs for the American work force. The combination of high unemployment, underemployment, American job loss, high foreclosure rates, high medical costs and lack of access to health care and insurance is a real problem for Americans and needs to be addressed with action, not rhetoric.

Written by Christine Nyholm

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