Michelle Obama Promotes Let's Move Campaign on CNN Larry King Live

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First Lady Michelle Obama unveiled the 'Let's Move” campaign, with the White House getting behind the fight against childhood obesity. The 'Let's Move' campaign is a campaign to reverse the dangerous trend toward obesity in children within a generation. Michelle Obama appeared on 'CNN Larry King Live' on February 9, 2010, the same day she unveiled the Let's Move campaign.

The Let's Move campaign aims to fight obesity by making changes in lifestyle habits that cause obesity. Obama is asking parents, teachers, physicians, schools and kids to get involved in the campaign to protect the health of America's children by combating childhood obesity. Adjustments in nutrition and physical activity can help to reverse the trend toward overweight and obesity.

Michelle Obama stated on Larry King Live that the initiative was not about looks, but about quality of life for the children of America. Obesity is a risk factor for serious diseases, including type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Obama described how a doctor got the Obama family to take a hard look at exercise and eating habits when the doctor noticed the BMI (body mass index) of one of the Obama daughters had gone up. Obama had thought the family was already living a healthy lifestyle, but realized that they ate too much fast food during the presidential campaign.

Obama went home and made small changes that made a difference. The changes included smaller meal portions, more cooked meals, a dessert ban on weekdays and substituting sugary drinks with water, milk and fresh squeezed juices.

On February 9, 2010, Obama introduced the Let's Move campaign and stated some scary statistics. Obama said that about one third of the children in the country are overweight or obese. She also stated that there are more kids with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure today than ever before. Obesity is a risk factor for diabetes and high blood pressure, so curbing obesity may prevent serious disease.

The Let's Move campaign is asking for help in programs for health nutrition and additional physical, to help children reach and maintain a healthy weight. The program includes education and motivation to adopt healthy lifestyle habits in homes, schools and communities.

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