Augusta Rentals at Premium as Tiger Woods May Play at Masters

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Tiger Woods is likely to make his return to golf at the Masters Tournament, according to AP reports. With the possibility and the scandal ridden golf champion will return to the golf course, interest in the Grand Masters is likely to be at an all time high, meaning that people will be looking for rentals and apartments in Augusta, Georgia

Tiger Woods has been keeping a low profile ever since a minor car crash in Florida brought questions about his lifestyle, which turned out to be much darker than anyone expected. Women made statements about their affairs with the golf legend, who had a wholesome image as a family man with a beautiful wife and two children.

Woods took a break from golf, went into rehab and finally made a public statement about the scandals that cost him his image, some sponsors and possibly his marriage. The press has been reporting and speculating on the latest Tiger Woods news constantly. Tiger Woods has not played golf since November 15, 2009, when he won the Australian Masters in Melboune.

All of this media attention is bound to bring press and people to the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia in April, so rentals will be in high demand. The Masters Tournament is held at the National Golf Club in Augusta from April 5 to April 11, 2010. Currently Tiger Woods is practicing at Isleworth golf club in Florida near his Orlando home.

According to the Masters Tournament website, hotels are booked months in advance for the Masters Tournament. If you can find a room, expect to pay $300 or more per night for a room.

There are also rental homes available through the Masters Housing Bureau website. Private homeowners in the Augusta area agree to rent out their houses for a set period for a set fee.

There are several apartment complexes in Augusta, which may offer longer term rentals. Century Glen Apartments (Formerly Masters Glen) is a prestigious apartment complex with amenities just minutes from the Masters Golf Course. Century Glen is located at 1040 Alexander Drive, Augusta, Georgia 30909. Call 888 -459-1410 for information.

Rentals may be at a premium during the Master's Tournament, so make plans immediately if you are planning to go with the hopes being the vicinity for all the Tiger Woods buzz.

Written by Christine Nyholm

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