Oprah Urges Drivers to Sign No Phone Zone Pledge

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Oprah Winfrey is using her talk show as a platform to get the message out that using the cell phone and texting while driving is a dangerous practice. Oprah is going beyond talking about not using the cell phone, she is asking viewers to sign a No Phone Zone pledge.

Use of the cell phone while driving is a relatively new practice, but cell phones have rapidly become such a big part of our lives that people assume that they need to be available by phone 24/7. Cell phones are used for important calls and calls that are not important and could easily be put off until later.

When Oprah Winfrey first launched the campaign, she admitted that she was surprised to learn that her staff members would answer the phone while driving because they thought they had to answer a call from their employer. When she became aware of the problem she said Harpo staff should never answer the phone while driving.

As Oprah has been bringing the problem to the forefront of America's attention, she has interviewed victims of automobile accidents and families of victims who lost their lives due to inattentive driving caused by talking on the cell phone, or texting, while driving. She has also showed research that shows that texting and driving is a dangerous practice because the driver's attention is not on the road.

The Oprah 'No Phone Zone' pledge is a commitment to not use the phone while driving the car. If a call must be made or answered, pull over to a safe spot on the side of the road and use the phone while the car is idle.

It should be common sense, but the use of the cell phone has become such an accepted part of everyday life that people apparently need to be reminded to drive safely, and keep their hands off the phone while driving. Sign the No Phone Zone pledge to show your commitment to this important cause.

Written by Christine Nyholm

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