Deepwater Horizon lies on tectonic fault line causing earthquakes

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Mexico was awakened this morning by the rumbling of a 6.5 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale. Earthquakes in the Gulf of Mexico region are not uncommon but are normally lower in strength. Two crossing fault lines are believed to run across the Gulf according to geologist Jack Reed and the BP oil well is susceptible to tectonic movements.

Jack Reed, a retired geologist-geophysicist with Texaco has been researching the fault lines and has come up with a preliminary finding that connects the existing New Madrid fault and the Wabash Valley seismic zone to the ocean floor of the Gulf of Mexico.

Both fault lines were created when Africa jammed into North America, thereby creating the Appalachian mountains, and both now run on the east side right at the bottom of the mountain chain.

As the North American continent drifted westward, a new fault line was created running in an east-west direction and through the Gulf of Mexico, thereby creating four tectonic plates that are in constant motion and causing the seismological activity in and around the Gulf.

The Deepwater Horizon well on the steep slope of the canyon wall is very susceptible to tectonic movements and may further endanger the stability of the well ceiling. While no seismic activity has been reported on the north side of the Gulf of Mexico, the shift of any of the tectonic plates has an indirect impact on any deep water drilling and certainly the open ended Deep water Horizon well that is filled with 25 billion barrels of crude and millions of cubic feet of methane gas.

The Gulf of Mexico, who has been quiet and more or less dormant for several decades, seems to pick up more activity with smaller earthquakes in Missouri, Mexico and as far north as Canada, all along the same fault line.

A major shift of the north-south tectonic plate at the bottom of the canyon causes great concern while the oil well is still spewing 60,000 barrels per day in the Gulf of Mexico and washes up on shore.

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