California environmentalist group linked to identity theft

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A small group of environmentalists in California has been linked to identify theft, compromising 25,000 US citizens and threatening their credit cores and their ID in the process.

A small Savannah based company, SiRuDo Realty, owned by Teolita Sicay, whose server was compromised by a hacker from California, reported the financial crime and fraud to the SCCMPD officer Ms. Nelson for further investigation.

The case has now been forwarded to the Financial Crime Center, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the FBI. No details about the exact identity of the person in question are known or released because of the on going investigation.

One fact is clear and has been confirmed by a special agent of the FBI is that the person in question has direct ties to a local group who use the Facebook page BoycottBP. The creator or owner of the page, Lee Perkins, is not under investigation at this point in time, only the perpetrator whose IP address is well documented.

Facebook page owners frequently invite members to join their cause but have no access to any background check prior to approval and can therefore not be held liable for the actions of any of their members, which are not under their control.

In general, the identity theft that was intentionally directed by one of the BoycottBP members towards a small company and its owners clearly shows that the terrorist threat on our country does not only come from the outside. It clearly shows that regular people and US citizens will not hesitate to cause harm to their own fellow citizens.

They may fly a flag or tie a yellow ribbon. They may even dress like all of us, just as Timothy McVeigh did before he blew up the building in Oklahoma City or the Washington DC sharpshooter who intentionally killed Americans.

We may not have recourse against this inbred and home made hatred, but what we can do is be careful whom we associate ourselves with. We have a personal responsibility to verify whom we accept as a friend before they turn against us as our worst enemy.

Written by Nick Doms © 2010, all rights reserved


if you want to do good with your misinformation, however, you might want to write a bullshit article linking flouridated water with early puberty - flouridation needs some hysteria behind it to make it the public concern it ought to be.

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