Ken Karpman Delivers Pizza, But Was 6 Figure CEO

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Ex CEO of a hedge fund Ken Karpman describes new life delivering pizza for $7.29 an hour.

However, that was not what Ken Karpman was doing two years ago. He was making $750,000 dollars a year. That is more money in weeks than most of the American make in a year.

Karpman and his family were living the life of rich and happy. They used to have a membership in a luxury golf club, enjoyed luxury vacations and had a glorious house. But they did not anticipate the rainy day and did not save for that.

Everything changed for Ken Karpman and his family when the economy started the downward move. Karpman by that time had left his well paying job and had started a Hedge Fund. He was a CEO who was making 750K a year. Now he is an ex CEO who describes to TV producers his life of what it means to delivering pizza for $7.29 an hour.

Ken Karpman has an MBA from UCLA and was an institutional equity sales trader. He and his wife have two children. But the problem was that Karpman bet everything on a good economy. He did not anticipate that things can go wrong.

ABC says that their house is already foreclosed and they are in credit card debt of 100,000 dollars. Their children keep going to private school and someone is anonymously paying for the children.

This is a sad story and does not make to point fingers to Ken Karpman. This is a story of hundreds of thousands of struggling Americans who who have either lost their jobs or are struggling to make their mortgage payments. Not everyone of us thought about rainy day. And Ken Karpman's case provides a good and learning lesson for all of us.

There is something very positive that I saw watching the ABC video about Ken Karpman and his family. While we see how many families easily fall apart he and his wife are staying strong together and raising their kids together. The difficulties of life did not challenge their family values. Great job on that guys keep going. Recessions will end and your family and the love will remain.

The lesson Ken Karpman's case provides us

1. Have a steady personal saving.

2. Do not rely on your credit card too much.

3. Save For Rainy Day.

4. Stay strong with you family, the challenge will pass.

5. It's OK to take a lesser paying job. C'est la vie

6. Keep doing what it takes to be a good husband and a good father.

I wish Ken Karpman and his family and all the struggling families the best. We all pray and hope that this recession is over soon and when we get out we remember that rainy days come. We need to be prepared.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Why help this irresponsible loseer who had it all but didn't have the discipline to save? Help someone who hasn't gotten a break!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
He want to "help" him.. because he knows that there is no former CEO named Ken living in missery now. wake up my friend, this is all propaganda!

Submitted by Tucker (not verified) on
Have you had any luck with contact information? Would like to speak to Ken as well. Thanks.

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Submitted by darkjeddah (not verified) on
it is really a story of "the ant and the grasshopper" for american people these days. Though Mr. Karpman didn't saved for the unexpected financial disaster, I commend him for not giving up and he's blessed his family stick together to survive this crisis. Hey, if you give me that 7 dollar per hour rate here in manila, I'm already going to be thankful for that ( I only earn $2 an hour here.) =)

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Hey Ken, while there is not much I can do to help, you are doing it right for not giving up. That is a character that will take you to places.

Submitted by richard f. b. (not verified) on
Could you please send me his email address and or phone number I would like to talk to him, Thank you very much!

Submitted by IVAN KELLY (not verified) on
PLease have MR Ken Karpman contcat me via this mail ,, I would really would liker to talk to him thank you vaery much ,, hope this mSG reaches HIM Wishing you all the best

Submitted by L. M (not verified) on
I only make $13.50 an hour but I would really be willing to help his family out if I could get in touch with them. I'm more blessed than they are at this moment financially and I would like to help.


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