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Artists Take Internet by Storm

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Say good-bye to the stereotype of the tortured artist living in social isolation, waiting to die before anyone hears their creative call, and hello to the amazing world of blogging. According to many blog directories, self representing artist blogs are one of the most popular types, and growing in number every day.

Art blogs come in close behind blogs about blogging itself and making money blogging, personal development (family, relationships, etc), politics and technology.

Instead of being at the mercy of an outside source, such as a gallery, to take notice, and take a substantial cut, artists all over the world are opening their hearts, souls and studios to anyone with access to a computer, which pretty much means everyone. Artists link their blogs to stores and websites where you can purchase their art directly. Middleman be gone! Virtual Classrooms and workshops are also offered via art blogs.

Many artists are generous in sharing their creativity, providing tutorials and sponsoring drawings for free art for people who leave comments on their blogs. Book artist and author Susan Kapucinski Gaylor provides a link from her blog to her web site for educators and others to download complementary templates and directions for making books with children. Illustrator Marilyn Scott Waters, creates and offers free downloads of her whimsical and colorful paper toys for people of all ages to print, assemble and play with.

Blogging comes naturally to artists because they generally like attention, are adept at self expression, are inherently quirky by nature and therefore interesting, and they have a knack for making their blogs unique and visually attractive. They use their own art to illustrate their blogs! They write about the process of being an artist and often feature fellow and sister artists in their posts. The comments section of every artist's blog are generally full of encouraging and empathetic words. Readers become loyal online friends, cheering squads and support groups.

In addition to individual blogs, some artists join together and create group blogs, usually around some theme, purpose or geography. Visual Artists Street Team is the group blog of 166 international artists who have stores on Etsy. Izabella, a Las Vegas mixed media artist, created a social network on Ning called Creative Souls where hundreds of artists share ideas, projects and meet for fun and inspirational art swaps.

Finding art blogs is as simple as typing “art blogs” into your internet browser. Several directories, and individual blogs will pop up. Most artist's blogs have links on them to other artists blogs, so once you get on one, you can easily hop from one to another.

Written by Victoria O'Neill,


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