Authorities Locate Air France Missing Plane

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France 24 just reported that the authorities have located a very large area in the Atlantic Ocean where they believe the Air France plane vanished.

Paris is asking for US satellite system help to navigate the plane, just reported France 24.

The families are taken to a secluded area for counseling. In the meanwhile the French president Sarkozy says there is little hope for survivors.

Brazilian TV station says that some passengers have been able to send SMS from the plane, but there is not confirmation on this news.

A story published in Portuguese in Journal de Noticias reports about SMS that the passengers sent to their loved ones.

"I love you" or "I'm afraid" were some of the messages from phones of the passengers of the plane of Air France sent to their relatives. Some passengers sent these SMS messages when they realized that the aircraft had problems.


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Effective for getting traffic. Irresponsible and insensitive wording to mislead people into thinking the plane was found at this point!

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