Pancreatic Cancer Hits Patrick Swayze: 5 Weeks to Live

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Patrick Swayze was reportedly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in late January. New reports allege that the cancer has spread to other organs and doctors have given his only 5 more weeks to live.

The 55-year-old actor has allegedly been undergoing radical chemotherapy at Stanford University’s cancer center but the treatments are no longer affective. “He was told he could have two more treatments, but his cancer was not responding. In short – they held out little hope for a cure,” said a source. “It’s time to start praying for a miracle.”

Insiders say Patrick Swayze, who is married to Lisa Niemi, has lost weight because he is on a liquid only diet as he cannot keep solid food down due to cancer.

Source: Trans World News


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
First Jeff Healey, now Patrick Swayze? The surgeon needs to put a warning label on Roadhouse. Has Sam Elliot been checked out?

There is an update that <a href="">Patrick Swayze is not dying in 5 weeks</a> but responding well to pancreatic cancer treatment.

Submitted by Kathleen M. Martin (not verified) on
I do not believe the update that he is not dying. It is very sad, I feel and pray for the family. My brother, 46 yrs. old, died from pancreatic cancer on August 21, 2007. He only survived 9 weeks. It is a very aggressive cancer. He was water skiing and 3 days later received his diagnosis because of back pain. He thought he pulled a muscle. The chemo did not help, the best support is a spiritual focus on eternity (John 3:16), pain control, support of family and friends. And also, much prayer for Patrick, his wife, and the rest of their family.

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