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Aptera Hybrid Car Gets 230 Miles on a Gallon

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Aptera Motors, a small US based company has produced a three-wheel, two-passenger prototype hybrid vehicle called Aptera. It’s not the first hybrid car but this one is able to travel 230 miles on a gallon of fuel. That is about 200 more miles per gallon than what was suggested for automakers by 2020 in an energy bill signed in December 2007 by George W. Bush.

The Aptera is technically classified as a motorcycle and will initially only be offered to residents of California.

Technically speaking, the Aptera Car is considered a motorcycle. At the beginning, it will only be offered to residents of California. Depending on the sales, Aptera Motors might make the Aptera available to national and even international markets.

Aptera Hybrid Car Safety

Contrarily to many other 3-wheel vehicles that were abandoned in the 80’s due to their instability the Aptera Hybrid Car has 2 wheels in the front and just one rear wheel eliminating any tendency to roll-over. More over, the Aptera Car is traction controlled, has a low center of gravity and a wide track width. Thanks to these features, the Aptera is a very stable platform.

Some Aptera Specs:

* More than 85 mph, going from 0-60 in under 10 seconds.
* 2 to 4 hours for a full charge.
* Cost between $1 to $2 for an overnight charge.
* Driver can be up to 6′5″ tall and still drive comfortably.
* Turning radius is similar to small production cars.
* Cargo is large enough to fit 15 bags of groceries, two full-size golf club bags or even a couple of seven foot surf boards.
* The Aptera Car fits in a standard parking space.
* At the beginning only white version will be made available.

More Details:

* $26,900 for the electric version.
* $29,900 for the plugin hybrid version.
* Starting production at the end of 2008
* USB 2.0 Jack
* Cup Holders
* Stereo System
* Soon, possibility for the public to tour the production facility
* Accepted in HOV Lanes of California
* Aptera means in Greek “wingless flight”

Hope to see it soon in the streets!

Source: By Spicy Buz


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
the correct figure is 300 miles per gallon, and thats what you get when you drive your 120th mile after you've recharged. The 230 mpg figure is from the all-diesel prototype. Unfortunately, they wouldnt be able to get a small deisel approved for emissions, so we have to rely on gasoline for a range-extended model.

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