Homeland Security seizes control over BP oil spill website

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The Department of Homeland Security has seized control over a joint BP oil spill website, previously managed by several US Government agencies and BP and intended to inform the public about the progress made in the cleanup effort.

The joint website was managed by US agencies, including the US Coast Guard, and BP to provide daily information about the oil spill and efforts made by both in conjunction with independent contractors to proceed with the cleanup effort.

Effective immediately, the Department of Homeland Security will now control all content and distribution of information to the American and international public.

Secretary Janet Napolitano, head of the DHS, was not available for comment and her office did not immediately return phone calls.

The announcement, first reported by the Associated Press, was frowned upon by many news agencies and reporters. According to a DHS spokesman, the website will change its address from a dot-com to a dot-gov address but the content will remain the same.

Who can actually post to the new website remains unknown but it is believed that the content is under the sole control of the DHS and no articles will be posted or published without the approval of Secretary Napolitano or one of her directors.

While it does not make sense to invent a conspiracy theory at this juncture, it is questionable why the DHS would get involved in an environmental disaster that has no immediate impact on national security and therefore would not be considered to be placed under their control and jurisdiction.

The next few days may shed more light on this puzzling decision, but one can state as a fact that such seizure can only be executed upon direct instructions from the White House.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This is just another examplr of the totalitarian regime being set up in America which is leading towards New World Order dictatorship. Read this site: http://rikijo.blogspot.com -and wake up fast. America is being destroyed from the inside out to implement planned communistic One World Government. http://rikijo.blogspot.com

Submitted by Miles O'Donnell (not verified) on
For the matter of the oil spill, you have tried and countain it but what are you going to do with all the oil? They are cleaning it off beaches but all the oil in the water is just sitting there destroying marine life. You could try and get oil takers and custimize them. This is the purpose to have a tube in front of the ship and perhapes in back. This tube will conect to the place where oil is usually stored. Of corse water will be sucked as well that is why you shall require a special filtration system to seperate the water from the oil. The oil tube will go where oil is stored and the other of the deck and back into the ocean. This shall be an efficent way to start cleaning up the oil. Of course you will need many tankers to do this job but it shall be worth it. The problem is when these tankers are cleaning up the oil is still coming from the pipe line. This is not a permanent solution neither do I know it will work for stopping the oil from coming out. A hose continues letting water out at a rapid pace just like the oil pipe but when you bend the house the water decreases its speed dramaticly. This might work for the pipe line, it will decrease the speed of oil coming out. I do not think you can seal the tube like that because the presure of the oil will blow the tube up and then we will have problems but if you close it a bit, the exit point of the oil, not as much will be coming out as before.Thank you for your time in reading my brief idea. I can only wish for the best in finding a solution yours truly Miles O'Donnell 14 years old

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
good thinking Mike. You are smarter than all the engineers at BP. When you grow up, always remember what a despicable criminal organization they are, and dont listen to the lies these large corporations tell you. They only care about making money for themselves, even if they make you sick or even kill you. You need to fear them because they are the real enemy. The people in Washington DC who pretend to care about you are lying. If they were honest, they would never have allowed BP to hurt the children who live in th Gulf states.

Submitted by hairy2xs (not verified) on
homeland security being in control of a website is supposed to help how. kinda got the feeling this is going to turn in to a fema/katrina moment - you know like dont panic the government will save you..... NOT

Submitted by kay sieverding (not verified) on
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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Wouln't want to make the Pres look bad. Lord knows he done more to harm his image than anything. Nor Obama knows very well that after the civil rights act that the Dems lost any hope of ever carring the Southern States. Go figure, why would he make the South a priority? Thats one big waste of effort and political time playing with this oil leak. We know its up to us down here and view him as an agenda President and The South doesn't fit in. Unless its allowing Illegals to flood across out boarders to increase his voter base.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Why in the world would you spin that? USCG is an agency in DHS. There are plenty of horrible and crappy things in this disaster without making up issues.

Submitted by Concerned American (not verified) on
It is time to educate ourselves on the direction our country is going. A government that is big enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take everything you have. Wake up!!!! Nasa has been assigned to improve relations with muslims, Government is taking over Private business web sites, On and on it goes.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
BP is owned by Bilderberg... Do the Math.... see youtube Zeitgeist - The Movie: Federal Reserve (Part 1 of 5)

Submitted by WEREFEAT (not verified) on
You all probably don't know this, but Homeland Security has funding programs if you can't pay your rent. Now what do you suppose that has to do with defending the country?


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