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Robert Reza Identified as New Mexico Gunman

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Robert Reza, 37, has been identified by the police as the New Mexico gunman who, after having a dispute with his girlfriend, shot two workers at her job and then turned the gun on himself. The location of the shooting was at the optics and solar manufacturing plant, Emcore Corp, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Police Chief Ray Schultz spoke with Robert Reza's girlfriend outside of the plant to try to gather some information about the domestic violence that occurred between the two of them that would make Reza act out so drastically. Schultz found out that there was at least one previous domestic violence call involving the Robert Reza that occurred outside of Albuquerque. Reza's girlfriend told Schultz was that she told some co-workers that she was going to report the domestic violence between her and Reza to the authorities. The girlfriend was brought to the hospital with gunshot wounds. She is in critical condition.

It was not known how Robert Reza got into the Albuquerque plant. Since his first victim was someone who he ran into while entering Emcore Corp., that person may have been one of the security officers. This is not confirmed, however.

It was reported that Reza was firing shots as he plowed through the building in a crazy-like state. The scene was full of bullet shells and blood. Officers responded as quickly as they could to stop Reza from his rampage. They had to run past and over the bodies of several wounded employees to get to Reza. Officers did not know at the time that the bodies they stepped over were still alive. Employees all ran for cover the best they could as Reza continued shooting. It was initially thought that Reza had ended the lives of six people, but the count of three people was accurate. Schultz said that Reza used a handgun.

The entire neighborhood outside the plant in the surrounding area went under lockdown enforced by the police while Reza was still free. Shultz stated, "This is the worst nightmare you can think of. No one wants to have a situation like this occur in their community."

Employees who survived this catastrophe were shuttled from the Emcore plant's buildings to a community center where they were afforded grief counseling and where detectives interviewed them about the shooting. There were 226 people transported.

Robert Reza and his girlfriend have children together who live in Rio Rancho; however they were taken into custody by another unnamed agency. Schultz said detectives and FBI agents were currently reviewing surveillance video from inside the plant to see exactly how Reza pushed past the tight security to get inside the building.


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Please pray for all of the families that were affected by this tragic event...

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