New website on Guitarist Jon Sterry released in the UK.

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A new website on the celebrated young British guitarist, Jon Sterry, came online in the United Kingdom. Simply titled 'Jon Sterry' the website aims to promote the man and his music. Sterry is attracting a great deal of interest in the music world in the UK.

Jon Sterry has hit the international headlines with his music, he is a talented guitarist from the London Borough of Redbridge. His work is also on MySpace Music and the YouTube Channel. Sterry has large following and a music fan base. He has written several compositions of his own and also uses cover versions of some of the well known rock anthems.

He is also a member of the well known and popular Essex based band, 'The Echo' who are currently touring parts of the United Kingdom.

Sterry has also performed in Essex - with a sell out one man show in aid of the international charity, the Good Shepherd Project, who work with the poor in Brazil in South America. He will also be a headline act at the Redbridge Community Dinner and Auction in Woodford Green on Saturday 12th July in aid of a new autism charity, the UK Autism Foundation.

According to a local Essex musician, 'Jon Sterry is on the cusp of something big.' He has been featured in local and international media and is attracting the attention of talent scouts for the music industry.

To view the new website on the British musician Jon Sterry, please access:


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Great website.........interesting music, this guy is going to go far.

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