Obama's comedy of errors while visiting the UK

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Obama's UK trip was not without some comical mishaps, like trying to make a toast during "God Save the Queen," signing the date as 2008 along with a motorcade folly.

President Obama’s trip to England is turning into a comedy of errors for the President as he continues to have little mishaps along the way while visiting with the Queen of England in the U.K. Obama, who does his best to appear worldly at most occasions, was not his usual self yesterday, but more like a country yokel.

Obama’s day started with a mishap that was out of his control, but it was a funny sight never the less. The overloaded and heavy presidential limo got stuck on a hump coming out of Buckingham Palace. It looked like a see-saw teetering and not being able to go forward or back. While the president and the first lady were not in that car, they were in the one ahead of it in the long motorcade, the car hung up on that hump was almost like a cartoon depiction of the USA.

It was weighed down and heavy, and full of stuff probably not needed, much like government spending. That one quick picture was like a representation of what the U.S. is all about. Stuck! The day continued on as the President and the first lady made their way through a tour of Westminster Abbey with Queen of England and some of the other royals. President Obama signed his name to the quest book and then dated it May 24, 2008, which was a few years off. Leaving many to think that the President might not be good with numbers. This is the same man, who during his candidacy for President, announced to the press that he had visited all 57 States in the U.S.. Numbers may not be his forte.

President Obama finished his comedy of errors off when he got up to make a toast during dinner to the Queen and continued speaking as the band played the song, “God Save the Queen.” This is the equivalent to the National Anthem here in the U.S., where you stop what you are doing until the song is over. Obama raised his glass and when he looked around the room and saw that everyone else was standing perfectly still without their toasting glass in hand, he looked embarrassed.

As soon as the song was over the Queen made a b-line for her glass and was happy to toast along with Obama.

Today the President seems to be mishap free, as he addressed the citizens of the U.K. in a speech. He said that he is proud of the heritage that the U.S. shares with England. He seems to have fared well from the car being hung up, signing the wrong date at Westminster Abbey and making the bigger blunder of trying to toast during “God Save the Queen.”

What is the strangest thing about these incidents is that they did not get much mention in the main stream media. Fox News talked about them this morning, but there seems to be nothing at all about these comical acts being reported in some of the bigger media outlets. If this was George Bush who had done this, chances are he would have been chastised greatly. According to the American Spectator website, They would have called Bush all kinds of names for making such mistakes.

See Obama’s toast on video
Here on American Spectator.

Reference: American Spectator


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I am sure he did something good while he was there but all you @!$#holes ever want to bring attnetion to is the errors with are actually normal and not a big deal. No one in that country complained but over here...the man can't get a break.

Submitted by Smitty (not verified) on
This President is treated like a king by the main stream press. CNN 3 to 1 Favorable, ABC, NBC, CBS...5 to 1 Favorable. Fox News 50/50...... Your complaint is way off base. Live with the truth and have a happy day.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
It is simply not British temperament to worsen an embarrassing situation by giving it more attention. However, be assured that there was much ridicule over the "errors" here, as well. Because he is your head-of-state/government, it is your responsibility to critique him, not ours. We do splendid job all by ourselves ridiculing our own government and royal family.

Submitted by Kevin1986 (not verified) on
Obama's limo got stuck exiting the American embassy in Dublin Ireland not Buckingham palace in the United Kingdom

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Is shit, it's bias plain shit. Most Americans can't even point out America on a map. Arrogant people dare attack our president for slight mishaps? Most Americans embarrass this country on an hourly basis.

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