Kanazawa fired after black women are unattractive blog goes bust

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Satoshi Kanazawa can get back to his other day jobs because Psychology Today has fired him and his blog ‘The Scientific Fundamentalist: a hard look at truths about human nature.’

One would think that a Japanese evolutionary scientist with a strong media following would know better than to offend black women. Lately, coming down hard on black women hasn't worked out so well for media guys.

October 2010, AOL writer Jawn Murray tweeted that he was tired of protests from nappy headed, angry black women over Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls” movie. Despite emails and protests, Murray responded with "so what and get a perm" on his Twitter page. AOL issued a statement, Murray apologized and he held onto his writing job at AOL's Black Voices for a few more months.

Murray signed off in April and blogged about the end of the road, or the end of his job at AOL's Black voices. So long good riddance, bud. Even though he's not blogging on AOL anymore, Murray's legacy for promoting European standards of beauty in African American women, and upon himself, remains. Imus, a popular but old stringy-haired white guy lost his MSNBC AM talk show to the news program " Morning Joe" after he called the Rutgers women basketball team a group of nappy headed hoes. Imus's legacy is pretty much the same. He's that guy who got fired for insulting black women.

And now Satoshi Kanazawa's lost his blog and his profile page has been deleted from Psychology Today's website. His article and unqualified research on unattractive black women sent off a fury of protests online. 75,000 people blew up Psychology Today via email, Twitter and Facebook. Some even rang Psychology Today's telephones off the hook.

When all was said and done, Psychology Today sent an email to ColorofChange.org and informed the largest online African American political organization that Kanazawa's work won't appear on their site any longer. Psychology Today even said they've instituted new rules to prevent inflammatory content in the future.

People who hadn't heard of Kanazawa were sharing the text in question, their hurt, their ire and disbelief that Psychology Today endorsed the piece. They demanded Kanazawa be fired. Students at Kanazawa's other day job, London School of Economics, have also called for Kanazawa's resignation.

It's not just American Black women who were put off by the piece, every segment of the globe's population was annoyed: white men, black men, white women, black women, academics, Asians, Indians, writers, babysitters, the mail man and mail lady. People who surf the web and browse Facebook for random stuff did not like it and this time could not dismiss it.

Kanazawa has been offensive before. He's blogged that criminals look different from non criminals (OJ Simpson, according to Kanazawa looks like a criminal.”) He had an epiphany when he blogged that all women are essentially prostitutes. In the past, offended readers emailed Kanazawa rather than his editors.

Kanazawa’s blogs, for as long as Psychology Today has published them (a little over five years now) have always been controversial, racist, sexist, and unfounded. Most of his blogs are hypotheses on human nature (or why men and women do the the things that they do). Readers are drawn into Kanazawa's ideologies because his notions offer one explanation for human behavior in our contemporary culture and its current setting.

As it stands, contemporary culture is obsessed with beauty and cosmetic surgery has proven itself recession proof. Celebrity lifestyles generally support many of Kanazawa's theses and much of Kanazawa's audience are celebrity and people watchers.

Kanazawa wrote about beauty, women, motherhood, men, and dating. All of which were big hits with contemporary online readers.


Submitted by Booker T Washington (not verified) on
Why do you think black men like white women so much?

Submitted by Camille (not verified) on
honestly I really dont care why black men date white women and Im a black women saying this, To me if you are attracted to white women then thats fine to me but if your only dating white women because you feel they are submissive then thats crazy cause I know some white women who will go off on any man in a second if he steps out of line, I know me personally I am attracted to white men but I wouldnt stop dating other races because my attraction is to white men. Again at the end of the day we are all people and that should be it

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
why are you two arguing about this. every race of man likes every race of women. black guys like whites and asians and africans and ect... and white guys like blacks and asians and other whites and ect... does it matter??? dont argue with people when it comes to dating please.. at the end of the say we are all the same. ive dated black guys, asians, whites, im marrying a mexican-- big deal, shoulnt be an issue. dont argue with people on this subject. and as for the guy above... black women, by many are considered attractive. our skin ranges in beautiful shades of brown, from deep tans to the darkest browns. and out features are all unique. we have slanted eyes and we have wide eyes. full lips and thin. we have small bust and big bust, we have nappy hair, kinky hair, curly hair, and if we add alittle heat-- straight lol. there is just no way you can go wrong with a beautiful black woman. and yes there are ugly and pretty woman in every race. him making a genralization off of a few women is like us saying that ALL asians are rediculously skinny when in actually, its only those who follow the japanese diet-- many of them curve out nicely. or us saying all asian men are short and why most asian men have small penises or something like that. now not all do, but thats just an example of how people make generalizations based off of a select few. someone could make a blog saying "why asians have the least attractive bodies" but no one has done that yet. people constantly want to single out africans.... but its whats to expect now days... i mean. we've taken so much dirt, even our own men are cruel towards us. this is what makes us strong. because when the whole world agianst you, you have to have enough stregnth to stand your ground agianst millions. ima deep caramel shade brown, full lips, oval eyes, curly hair black girl. 5"3 and pettie. i wiegh 110 and have a A-cup , slim stomach and wider hips with a perky little tushy... very girly in appearance, and i dought theres anyone who's seen me and havent said or thought i was cute, so this guy can kick rocks(the same way he kicked his job)

Submitted by Speakforyoursel... (not verified) on
I don't know ask the small amount of black men who date them or are you just assuming like the ass that you are lmaooooooooooooooo

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
How about fuck him and his sorry ass blog!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
It's funny, because white men and Asian men hook up with my 'ugly' black ass all of the time. And quite frankly, the black men that are dating white women are doing the rest of us a massive favor - because they're probably the ones that we don't want. A FEW black men (whereas black men are STILL dating and marrying black women en masse) dating white women has nothing to do with the inadequacy of black women. Furthermore, black men act more insane when they see me with my Asian boyfriend than any black woman that I personally know would act if they saw him with a white woman. Don't delude yourselves.

Submitted by Speakforyoursel... (not verified) on
Just put it this way men dont care what a woman looks like now a days as long as they can stick it. And you all seen arnolds mistress and believe it or not no matter if your a beautiful/unattractive woman to some a man will not give a fuck he will cheat or stay if he has a heart. And ugly is just as superficial as it is visibly there are some women who claim to be the shit but their inner spirits and attitude are just as ugly as shit and I mean in all races

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I've read just about every comment on this page and I am appalled by most of them. Being stuck on stupid is truly the order of the day. To compare beauty across ethnicities is silly. What one group views as beautiful is not always going to be the same as what another group views as beautiful. The problem is jealousy and envy. If a man from group "A" thinks a woman from group "B" is pretty then for whatever reason the women in group "A" suddenly feel inadequate and threatened and the women in group "B" suddenly feel superior. It's all ridiculous!! We need to spend more time working on our insides and less time worrying about what's on the outside. The bottom line is God loves variety. It's obvious in how different we all look. He knew what He was doing when we were all created. One is NOT better than the other. It's just different!!

Submitted by MichealB.C (not verified) on
Great post. Micheal

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