Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez baby rumors fueled by recent pictures

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Justin Bieber's girlfriend is in the hospital undergoing tests and this along with their recent PDA pictures have fueled rumors that Selena Gomez is pregnant.

Justin Beiber girlfriend, Selena Gomez, was hospitalized Thursday for stomach discomfort and a head ache and this has spun into pregnancy rumors online. Justin and Selena have also been captured in pictures in some very serious public displays of affection, which have also fueled this fire that the two teens are sexually active.

With Selena in the hospital undergoing tests, Justin continues to share his affection for his girlfriend with public tweets to the 18 year-old Disney star. As the website, Hollywood Dame points out, these rumors that Selena is pregnant may have a lot to do with what people have seen lately of Justin and Selena in pictures.

The two pictures that were the biggest offenders, really tell the story of how serious this relationship has gotten. The picture where Selena actually straddles Justin on the beach while wearing a bikini and they are engaged in a passionate kiss is not something that young kids should see their idol doing. Then the picture of Bieber grabbing Gomez’s rear-end in the heat of passion is another display in public that is inappropriate. This type of public behavior is not appropriate for anyone while out in public, not just Hollywood celebrities.

Whether Justin and Selena like it or not, they are role models for young teens and tweens today. This population makes up the majority of their fan base. Now that Bieber’s fans have made him very successful, he does have a moral obligation to live up to this clean, good kid, image that parents have spent millions of dollars on when purchasing CD’s DVD’s, concert tickets and Justin Bieber memorabilia. He needs to remember that it is the parents that pay for their kids to idolize and participate in Bieber Fever. Parents are not going to like this new image the teen heart throb is portraying.

Kids imitate their idols and these recent actions seen between Bieber and Gomez are not something parents will be happy about seeing their kids engage in. Bieber has conveyed a very clean cut image up until the last month or so, with his innocent upbeat songs of young teen love, his performances carry a “G” rating and he even sports a tattoo that says Jesus in Hebrew to denote his religious beliefs.

The same holds true for Selena, who comes from clean cut Disney stock, these two have the seal of approval from most parents. While Justin and Selena might find the urge overwhelming to paw each other in public, they have a responsibility to young fans, which should keep them saving these displays for when they are out of the public eye.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
o my god, they are 17 and 18, i like are overreacting about CUDDLING and a guy grabbing a girl's ass, like wow. i know they should have more privacy but it is not that big of a deal. a study even shows that 17 is when most guy's lose their virginty, as a 15 year old in high school i hear more action coming and going then what these two have shown. they are practically both adults. as long as they are both safe i don't see what the whole deal is.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Selena is prego she told me herself she said she was due Jan 8th that she's having a girl and that her and Justin r gonna get married in November and buy a big house and live 2gether and then she'll return to singing. If u dont believe me u font believe me but I >3 Selena and Justin so why would I spread rumors about them. They r practically adults so let them do watever they please. If u don't believe ask her urself on Facebook.

Submitted by sucker (not verified) on
Selena Gomez is a lesbian and sheis not prego and they are not getting married.

Submitted by daja francis (not verified) on
hi justin am a big fan off you its nice to know you have a girlfriend a nice one too i wish it could have ben me i real want to be your frined an facebook big up to you an your girlfriend please write back to me you friend fe life daja know as sexy cherry.

Submitted by daja francis (not verified) on
hay justin its me agan do not dispoint your bady mama all when you have a next girl frincis do your best lov you pes out

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This is the stupidest, worst written and fake article I have ever read. SELENA IS NOT PREGNANT. For the love of God, they both wear purity rings, Justin even has TWO. If you can't even spell Bieber right, I suggest you don't write an article about him. WORST ARTICLE I HAVE EVR READ -- FULL OF LIES PEOPLE.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
not anymore

Submitted by Anonymous girly (not verified) on
Selena is TOTALLY not prego, and anyone is nuts to believe they would get them selves into something like that. I dont personally know Justin, but i DO know he is a smart young man, who would NEVER get himself into trouble like that. Let the Boy's personal life be people. PLEASE. He is a living being like Every One Of Us. This is not a blog spot. no need to write sappy letters to justin here :DD haha <PEACE>

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
that doesn't mean she can't be pregnant. Im sure everyone think greatly of the young teens, but just because his name is Justin Beiber doesn't mean he can't have a kid early. Happen to his mother, didn't it? Anyway he also has drama with another woman about being the father, so its fair to say he is sexually active & could be the father of a child early on. Anyway, let them do what they want, they can afford the child financially, although wont look to impressive. :)

Submitted by <a href="http:/... (not verified) on
sO Wich will be the name of the the baby ? XD


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