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Cake Wrecks Food Blog To Book, Jen Yates Delivers

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Have your cake and laugh at it, too. Jen Yates' book, Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong, made it to the New York Times most popular emailed list this week. Yates' book is flying off the shelves at bookstores and online booksellers, and the reason IS hilarious.

"As Ms. Yates, 31, defines it, a Cake Wreck is 'any cake that is unintentionally sad, silly, creepy, inappropriate — you name it,'” says the New York Times in Tuesday's article, When the Icing on the Cake Spells Disaster.

Like Julie Powell's book, Julie & Julia, another success story – blog turned book – was always in the back of Jen Yates' mind, but never to this extent. She always imagined herself a published author, however her Cake Wrecks book deal came about faster than she expected. From the creation of her blog Cake Wrecks, in May 2008, to the finished hardcover book in October 2009, Jen Yates' head must surely be spinning.

The Cake Wrecks blog has a huge subscription list, and she gets hundreds of thousands of hits per day. In addition to her blog, more than a million people follow Jen Yates' Cake Wrecks on Twitter. But like any well known celebrity, don't expect her to follow you. Jen only follows 42 Cake Wreck fans. Fame has its price.

Jen Yates' blog regularly gets about 50 photos sent to her for submission every day from all over. Not all of them make it to her blog, or the book for that matter. Some are just not that funny.

Jen has admitted to getting an occasional hate email, most likely from embarrassed and angry bakers, though that hasn't been confirmed. That's totally understandable. Although most are unintentional, some of the cakes are downright hideous, and worthy to be laughed at. Jen doesn't post any personal Cake Wrecks on her website, only "professional" cakes from bakeries are accepted, just in case your Aunt Mary is offended.

Some Hilarious Cake Wreck Messages:

  • Go Die in a Car Fire
  • I Don't Want to Go Out With You Anymore
  • I Didn't Like You That Much Anyway

Reviews of Cake Wreck:

  • "I was laughing so hard, I couldn't catch my breath."
  • "As funny as the blog that started it."
  • "WAY better than I expected!"
  • "Cake Wreckery at its best!"
  • "Wrecktastic!"

Cake Wreck is touring the US, signing books and eating cake. Jen's fans will drive for hours to meet the funny blogger lady that got a book deal, get their copy signed, then have a piece of cake and laugh at it too. Life is sweet!

Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong's retail price is $12.99, and can be found on

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Written by Donna Diegel
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