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Mama Bachmann's 23 foster children not immune from press inquiry

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It is inevitable, now that Michelle Bachmann wants to be president, that the media will drag up her 23 foster children and release anything relevant about any of them as it relates to her ability to run this country.

The 23 foster kids that she and her husband took in back in the 90s are currently preparing for the media’s invasion into their private lives. These 23 adults lived with Bachmann, her husband and three children when Bachmann was a stay-at-home mom and pregnant with a fourth child.

Bachmann, who’s doing well in Iowa polls after Romney, said that being a stay-at-home mom in a house with nine children was one of the more intellectually rewarding periods of her life.

And now that she’s off on the presidential campaign, a campaign that is fast on its way to rendering Sarah Palin the maverick mom to absolute irrelevancy, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos promised Bachmann that her foster kids would be investigated. To which Bachmann shrugged and pointed to her own successes with her biological children.

Bachmann, who’s been called stupid by President Bill Clinton, points to her own accomplishments as a lawyer and a doctorate. Perhaps the two degrees have everything to do with why Bachmann doesn’t waver when she’s revising US history in statements to the press. Stephanopoulos called on Bachmann to retract her statement that the founding fathers, slave owners, worked hard to end slavery.

Bachmann asserted that John Quincy Adams was around during the Revolutionary period and old enough to be considered one of the founding fathers who worked hard to end slavery. Stephanopoulos couldn’t move her oh so wrong righteousness.

Bachmann told Stephanopoulos that slavery ended in this country and that is a good thing. Yes, she said that.

Bachmann’s race to the White House may just be music to the Obama Administration’s ears. Even with the lagging economy. Clearly if any of the 23 foster children that the Bachmann’s took into their home has ever had any trouble with the law, the media and Bachmann’s political opposition will run away with it.
Bachmann did request privacy for her family and the foster children, but she also noted that of her five biological children, one is a doctor. And her last child also has achieved collegiate goals.

In a total of six years, from 1992 to 1998, the Bachmann’s helped raise 23 foster children.


Submitted by Larry Linn (not verified) on
If the Founding Fathers whom owned slaves were against slavery, why did they not just set them free?

Submitted by Rick (not verified) on
Anissa ford, the oh-so-superior author of this piece, might want to keep in mind that when you condescendingly sneer at another person for ignorance, you'd better havbe your own facts straight. "the founding fathers, all of whom were slave owners...." Yes, Anssa wrote it, and in public, too. That would, of course, have come as news to such as John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Nathanael Greene.

Submitted by roger burns (not verified) on
just a question. How much money did she get from the government to help raise her 23 foster kids?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Call your local Family & Children's services to find out foster care payments. In GA it is around $450/month. Foster kids usually come into foster care with nothing, no clothes, no suitcase to pack clothes if they had them,etc. There are many charities that provide suitcases, pajamas, school stuff,etc. Find one and help.

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