Skinhead white supremacist beat unconscious after duel with African American boxer

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Boxer Marlon Baker, 46-years-old and African American, was in an Idaho bar Sunday night (July 3) when a white supremacist skinhead wanted to start something.

The skinhead, Daren C. Abbey told Baker to get out of the club because blacks weren’t allowed there. Abbey has nazi swastikas and tattoos with racist symbols all over his upper body.

Baker, who was sporting a tee-shirt that read “Spokane Boxing Club Champion” on the back of it made his way out of the bar. Only to be followed by Abbey.

Baker left the bar because he didn’t want a confrontation. None of the reports describing the incident say if Baker or Abbey were accompanied by others.

Abbey made a few more racial slurs outside of the bar and pushed Baker. In turn, Baker punched Abbey in the face once knocking him out cold. The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that Abbey was arrested and booked on battery charges and felony malicious harassment once he regained consciousness.

Both sheriff deputies and an ambulance responded to the waterfront incident.

Abbey’s arrest photo is taken with the right side of his face as well as his nose taped neatly in a white bandage. In the mugshot, Abbey’s nostril is stuffed with cotton, presumably to keep blood from gushing out of his nose. He was treated for a possible broken nose after he was booked.

The incident took place in Bayview, Idaho. Abbey was described by Idaho sheriff law enforcement as a white supremacist with numerous tattoos, at least three Nazi swastikas, and other racist symbols on his arms, neck and torso.

In recent years, skinhead attacks in the United States have been leveled at Native Americans, Latinos and Arabs. In addition to random violence, skinhead gang members rob and steal from homeowners.

The skinhead culture began in England and spread to the United States in a movement against gays and ethnicities other than white and male. The skinhead culture has long been characterized by violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and white supremacy.

White supremacy is the belief that the white race is superior to other races and therefore should dominate institutions, ideologies and beliefs of the others.

Before making his way to Idaho, Abbey’s residence was Sacramento, California. You can read a more detailed account of the incident at the southern Poverty Law Center’s blog here.

There is also a photograph of Abbey’s taped up face for police mug shot.


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