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Bishop Eddie Long's wife stands by her man today

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Vanessa Long has not left her husband after he paid-off his accusers and the church calls her a "dedicated wife" who is standing by her husband as he gets through this scandal without consequences.

Bishop Eddie Long’s wife was rumored to have moved out of their family home after Long settled his sexual abuse cases out of court. While no one would blame this woman for leaving Long after his recent sexual abuse case settlement, which many take as a sign of guilt, this is not the case. The New Birth Missionary Church released a statement saying that this is not true and Long and his wife are very much together under the same roof, according to the website EurWeb.

As Long recently settled his four sexual abuse cases for a reported 25 Million, he was able to avoid what would have amounted to a very public trial, according to A trial were details of his actions would have been all over the media. This bishop of one of the largest Mega Churches in this country has gotten through this basically unscathed. Where this money is coming from to pay off his accusers is also a question being asked today. Was it money from the church? If so, than it was the church followers who paid-off his scandal. Where does a self professed man of God get 25 million dollars?

The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church is a very powerful entity, and as seen in this Bishop Long sex scandal, it is like a municipal all of its own. It appears to consist of people who govern and bi-laws that apparently were molded to fit this incident. Long wasn't removed from his duties at all, even while an investigation into these allegations was under way.

Even the statement that this church released denying that Vanessa Long has moved out of the family home refers to her a “New Birth First Lady Elder Vanessa Long.” This is a title of prestige, as if Long and his wife are the President and the First Lady of some type of individual government.

The statement released by the church addressing the rumors that Long's wife has left him read: “Recently, some blog entries have surfaced claiming to have anonymous sources stating that New Birth First Lady Elder Vanessa Long has moved out of the house. That claim is completely and absolutely false. Mrs. Long is very much a loving, dedicated and committed wife and mother.”

This mega church recently saw Reverend Bernice King, Martian Luther King's daughter, resign from her post. She did this shortly after Long's settlement to his accusers was announced. The church insists the timing was coincidental and Long released a statement through the church addressing this.

“For some time now, Reverend King and I have been in discussion and prayer about the call of God on her life to continue the legacy of her father and mother. … This is a compelling mandate that places Reverend King squarely in the center of God’s Will of her life and I am in full support of her decision to leave New Birth in pursuit of this worthy endeavor,” was what Long had to say about Kind's departure.

When Long decided to pay-off his accusers, many felt this was because he was guilty. If he was innocent of such horrendous accusations, he would have fought to save his good name. The Endtime Observer website is just one of many saying this about Long's case.

Long still has his position in the church, his million dollar mansion and two Bentley cars provided through the church and now it sounds as if his wife and family are still intact. This man has suffered no consequences from this incident. Other than a media frenzy, which is already winding down, nothing has changed for him. This is in great contrast to the Anthony Weiner scandal occurring in Washington today. Weiner had an online scandal with grown women via the Internet. His inappropriate pictures and texts have ruined his political life. He never touched these women, it was a sexual relationship of words that he is guilty of and the consequences for this has been life changing and humiliation. Not so for Long.

The Bishop on the other hand, is accused of grooming young boys for sex and then engaging in sexual relations with the boys when they turn 16, which is the legal age of consent in Georgia. This appears very calculating on his part, but none of this matters anymore. The scandal is over for Long and will soon fade into history as he emerges untouched. Long will continue on as if nothing happened. The inner workings of this Mega Church appears to be more powerful than what we see in politics.


Submitted by Ms Teacher (not verified) on
God judges but He is not the only judge!!Please stop telling me or anyone else to shut up if you do not read the Word of God for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am tired of people like you defending his lavish lifestyle when God clearly has much to say to the contrary.You will be held accountable along with Mr. Long when he falls.We have been given authority by God to confront sin..especially in a leader with the influence that Mr. Long has.What would be your reactiion if this were YOUR child or YOUR husband doing this? You are so right...I do not know his heart and you do NOT know mine.What we can all see is his behavior.You do not settle for that large amount of money if your are innocent and how does this settlement constitute him "fighting this" (his words not mine)? I pray your eyes will be opened to what is really going on here.WEAK minded people will continue to defend his actions.Since you seen to know so much about him,why won't he repent as Bishop Morton so graciously asked him to do?

Submitted by Benoug (not verified) on
You said it all in your response to this person who told us to "shut up". I couldn't have said it better.

Submitted by Ms Teacher (not verified) on
Your words are kind!! Thank you again!! Someone has to lead Gof's people back to the truth of His word and not to more popularity.A loving shepherd always loves............ALWAYS protects.Where was the protection for these and possibly other young men?People we must understand that when we make bad choices,they don't just affect us,they affect everyone we care about and everyone around us!!Eddie's children will be affected by this sin for years to come if he does not repent!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by CJ (not verified) on
To the people who keep quoting the judging scriptures: Did you quote those scriptures when "the bishop" marched in the streets of Atlanta, with his bullhorn, wife and sheeple AGAINST homosexuality ? Did you stand up and say "Bishop Long, all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, who are you to judge ?" Did you say "Bishop Long, there are other issues to march in the streets of Atlanta about: Poverty, Crime just to name a few." NOBODY stood up then and now we know that "the bishop" was marching against the very sin he was partaking in ! That's why I praise God for his Divine Exposure of Long. Since you didn't quote the judging verses then, dont quote them now...quote I Tim 3.

Submitted by Benoug (not verified) on
AMEN CJ!!!! Right where were the "judge me not people". . . quiet as a mouse.

Submitted by Ms Teacher (not verified) on
Well said!!

Submitted by Stevie68a (not verified) on
Religion is trickery, superstition, and shame. "Prophet" means "Profit". People BE LIEve in this stuff mostly because they were brainwashed into it as children. Yes, there are some good things about religion, but that good can be had without it. The hatred Fast Eddie had for Gay People was vicious. I can't wait for his opinion now. As for the "prosperity gospel", are we to accept that "jesus" wants you to be rich, when thousands of innocent children die of starvation everyday? If you prosper at new birth, it's because of networking and hard work. jesus can't appear with his loaves and fishes, because he's imaginary. jesus is imaginary! Shout it from the rooftops! Religion is a mass delusion. Teach ethics instead: no invisible people needed. Grow up.

Submitted by CJ (not verified) on
Refering to your comment: "we all are as filthy rags, none of us are without sin in our lives and God is the one who raises up KINGS and brings down Kings according to his word" .DID YOU SAY this when Long was marching in the streets of Atlanta against homosexuality ? YES or NO ?

Submitted by Ms Teacher (not verified) on
Please know I am not attacking you.I want you to look at that passage in it's entirety.Isaih 64:6 But we are all like an unclean thing.and all our rightteousness are like filthy rags.We all fade as a leaf.and our iniquities,like the wind,Have taken us away."" Now,I want you to look at that entire chapter in context.The prophet Isaiah was referring to God's people prior to salvation,so he was speaking of the unsaved and how no human sacrifice could save anyone.Our righteousness He said is like filthy other words in and of ourselves always dirty and always raggedy.This passage has nothing to do with what we are dealing with here.Eddie is saved and a leader and is accountable to the body of Christ period,not just a few.Please read ICorinthains 5 in it's entirety and you will see we are all one body with the authority to move that which has caused others to stumble.Again it is because of prayer that this sexual sin was exposed. Also...........pleading the blood is like asking God make you a woman.Obviously you already are,so we do not need to plead for something we already have been given,and Jesus does not die continually."Pleading the blood" is another one of those charismatic phrases that has no basis in scripture..........period!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on


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