Justin Bieber reduced to tears as Selena Gomez wants a break

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are on the outs over the teen crooner’s choice of troubled celebrity buddies, when she told him they needed to take a break from each other, he broke down in tears.

Selena has suggested that the two take a break from each other, as Bieber has been hanging out with older rapper artists, who have a checkered past with the law. Justin attended Selena’s concert with one of these pals, Sean Kingston, and the former Disney star doesn’t want him to crash her gigs anymore.

It was after the concert in Florida that Selena allegedly “ended their relationship,” according to Digital Spy. Sean Kingston, who was jailed at the age of 11 for breaking and entering, is not someone Selena wants Bieber hanging out with. The same goes for Lil Wayne, who is another pal that Justin likes to spend time with.

According to Digital Spy, Selena has “ordered” her boyfriend to stay away from Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. Wayne has several gun and drug charges and Brown’s assault on Rihanna in 2009 is well publicized.

Justin is only 17 years old and behind all the glitter, money and glamour, he is just a regular impressionable kid. It sounds like Selena doesn’t think he is going in the right direction with his group of friends. The “Baby” singer’s choice of T-Shirts this week, while out shopping in L.A., may be evidence of this influence.

The normally clean-cut teen singer was shopping wearing a T-Shirt that clearly displayed profanity with the “F” word written across the shirt. This was the lyrics of a rap song, but it was still a switch from anything that Justin would normally wear. Selena’s clean-cut reputation is at stake here too. Her fans are young, many have followed her from her Disney show, “Wizards of Waverly Place,” and she cannot afford to get a reputation of running with a tough crowd at this time in her career.

According to Gather, Selena is worried that Justin's choice of friends will “turn her good boy bad and perhaps put her in danger?” Apparently it was not a “text to his ex” that put Selena and Justin on the outs, as rumors this week suggested. It appears that Bieber's choice of pals is the reason Selena wants some distance from her boyfriend.

Justin and Selena had a heated argument about his choice of friends this week and Selena reduced Justin to tears as she told him they needed to take a break in the relationship. Justin sobbed as he told Selena that he loved her, according to Selena’s friend. The friend also said “it’s hard seeing a little 17 year-old crying and saying he loves her.”

As far as the checkered pasts of these rap stars, some may have turned their lives around from the days that they were in trouble with the law, like Sean Kingston. He was 11 at the time he was in trouble and that was years ago. Is if fair to scrutinize them for their past if their present is about making music and staying out of trouble? Sean and Justin have the same manager and the two have been friends for a while.

Some of Selena' recent behaviors could point to signs of trouble in her relationship with Justin. In a recent interview with E News, at one of Selena's concerts, she was a bit indignant about her tour being about her and not about Justin. While it is understandable that it has to be hard for Selena, after doing all the work of putting on a concert just to have the interviewer make it more about her boyfriend than it is about her, the tone in which she did made the remark is not at all like her.

Selena also said in a recent interview that she is only 19 and not to take her and Justin too seriously, which was another comment that suggested she might be trying to distance herself. The last concert that Justin attended on Selena's tour was the one in Florida and he hasn't been seen at another one since then. This is Hollywood, so while they may be on the outs today, tomorrow could be a different story.


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