UFOs research reveals hybrid human aliens who want The Change in 2011

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VENETA, Ore. – While it’s true that the extravagance of UFO claims over the past 60 years far outstrips the supporting evidence; what about hybrid human aliens who live on this Earth, state UFO experts and thousands of once top secret government UFO documents that point to a rash in abductions.

Many believe that there is “proof” that hybrid human-aliens exist on Earth; while these “hybrids” point to something they’ve dubbed as “The Change” happening in 2011 that will create a new morass of UFO confusion in the scientific community. The hybrids are often quoted in interviews, or from myth created by fans or believers who “channel” thoughts and ideas. In fact, there’s new efforts “to analyze UFO-and-abduction phenomenon’s similarities to ancient myths and legends,” says David M. Jacobs, editor of UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge.” Jacobs advises all people to “sort out the signal from the noise surrounding this complex and controversial subject.”

In turn, other UFO abduction experts point to good reasons why they believe in UFOs and aliens here on Earth either involved in abductions or as hybrids. The experts outline the difference, for example, between the stimulus (puzzling sightings and encounters) and the stimulated (witnesses, investigators, theorists, skeptics and spiritual seekers) to reveal “a complex and shifting phenomenon that continues to challenge our understanding of reality,” writes Jerome Clark, author of The UFO Encyclopedia.

Encounter with hybrid is “no big deal” at the Oregon Country Fair where “beings are beings”

Lou has hair that’s silver and white. He’s old but it’s difficult to know how old: 60, 70, 80? He has a hard jaw, tendoned neck, deep chest; wearing no shirt but just a flowered shawl and jeans during the recent “Oregon Country Fair” in the deep and lush woods of Veneta, Oregon, located about 15 miles west of Eugene off Highway 101. The “Fair” as it’s dubbed by locals over the past 42 years – since the Fair began in 1969 after it grew out of “Grateful Dead” visits each summer – attracts more than 50,000 each year during its three-day festival, July 8-10, and with all those retro-hippie and “Baby Boomer” folk are, says Lou, some hybrids.

In turn, this remarkable man who claims to be a ‘hybrid,’ said “the Country Fair gives us a chance to blend in with no worry.” At the same time, fellow “Fair” goers remarked that “he (Lou) looks like his arms have been squeezed from tubes.” Yes, Lou does indeed to be tall and straight, lithe and supple.

Lou and other “hybrids” revealed in new book about the myth and mystery of UFOs

During popular “UFO” discussions at the recent “Oregon Country Fair” – that features over 1,000 craftsmen and arts, along with 35 different stage venues for “social issue and science discussions,” the debate over the whole spectrum of speculations on alien visitations, aliens living amongst us and abductions, seemed to center on a new book “The Myth and Mystery of UFOs,” by Thomas E. Bullard who is a board member of the Center for UFO Studies and the Fund for UFO Research.

Bullard is also author of the groundbreaking UFO book about “hybrids,” that he claims in “UFO Abductions: The Measure of a Mystery and The Sympathetic Ear: Investigators as Variables in UFO Abduction Reports,” and in his new book about the “myth and mystery of UFOs,” that hybrid research may be the reason for so many abductions.

But, it’s now just Bullard who feel that with the advent of abduction, it introduces “new dangers from UFOs on a personal level,” that leaves no one safe.

While Lou did not seem a danger to other “unusual” people at the recent Oregon Country Fair, Bullard notes that it’s the “hunters” who are the danger and not so much the “results” of their experiments here on Earth. Still, Bullard writes that humans are not safe from alien contact and abduction; “not even at home in bed, as aliens claimed defenseless captives without so much as a please or thank-you. Many abductees compared themselves to guinea pigs.”

The Change expected in 2011 with hybrids revealing themselves

“The aliens promised a transition to come, a time of bliss and peace called ‘The Change’ but undercurrents suggested that the reality would bring not equality and coexistence but a world with the human element replaced by the alien in a subtle takeover of the Earth without firing a shot,” writes Bullard while referencing the other David M. Jacobs “The Threat.”

In turn, Bullard’s claims about “hybrids” and “abductions” and new “fears about alien contact in 2011,” are supported in thousands of once secret documents that are now available at the following websites thanks to various governments freedom of the information act laws.

At the same time, Bullard points to persistent sightings of UFOs that on a day-to-day basis, commands the urgent attention of scientists, scholars and mainstream journalists. Bullard points to the government UFO files for answers that he says “lies in mysterious, frustrating and ever evolving phenomenon that refuses to go away and our collective efforts to understand it.”

Top U.S. UFO organizations:
-- Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR) http://www.fufor.com
-- Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) http://www.cufos.org

World organizations that state proof of alien abductions, via testimonies and evidence on their country UFO web sites.
-- Canada (UFO BC) http://www.ufoc.ca
-- Sweden – Archives for UFO Research http:www.afu.info
-- UK – British UFO Research (*released in March per 8,500 once top secret UFO documents and tens of thousands of links to other UFO research, including the FBI’s “Vault” online UFO files) http://www.bufora.org.uk.
-- Brazil (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) http://www.ufo.com.br
-- Italy – Centro Italiano Studi Ufologicihttp: www.cisu.org

Also, there’s three top websites for UFO abductions – that some countries report, are “at an all high number.” The International Center for Abduction Research http://www.ufoabduction.com, and Intruders Foundationhttp://intrudersfoundation.org, and John Mack Institute http://www.johnmackinstiture.com

How aliens create hybrids

According to the vast research about abductions, they are “not deliberately cruel or sadistic, just businesslike and indifferent,” writes Bullard in his new book about the “myth and mystery of UFOs.”

“Their preoccupation with genetic materials to create hybrids explained the purpose of the examination, while a purpose behind the abduction project peeped out in hints that the aliens faced some threat to their survival and scavenged their salvation from human bodies,” writes research, that includes the famed “Secret Life” by David M. Jacobs that was published by Simon & Schuster in 1992 and influenced a lot of believers, including the late TV News reporter Peter Jennings.

Jennings said he believed

It so happened that one of Jennings last major reports was the Feb. 24, 2005 “Peter Jennings Productions” aired a “two-hour prime time show about UFOs and abductions.” It was titled “UFOs: Seeing is Believing.” Jennings got a lot of trouble for “legitimate news” airing a UFO program, but he said in an interview that he wanted to “tell the story.” Thus, one of the final projects for Jennings Productions was to go public about UFOs and the horror of abductions that started to make the news more in 2005 due to high terrorism alerts.

“More people were reporting strange people and strange things, and it wasn’t always human,” said one TV interview with police investigating “alien abductions.” Just 40 days after telling the world -- about UFOs during that landmark two-hour broadcast that shocked America with the first real news of alien abductions -- ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings died at his home in New York City. ABC News reported that Jennings, a Canadian, was 67 when he passed without much preannouncement.

Although Jennings had been diagnosed with lung cancer in the Spring of 2005 -- from years of being a smoking reporter – he, while “struggling with later stages of lung cancer” still went on with the Feb. 24, 2005 two-hour prime time show about UFOs and the rash of “abductions” in America and across the world.

Jennings ended his report with “we just don’t know.”

Image source of a 26-year-old Jennings in a 1965 ABC handout photo: Wikipedia


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Just Google "Alien Mom" with "Pat Regan"

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Ther reality of life in our region of space as well as the real reason for the alien presence is explained in the book Alilies of humanity. Part one can be read online Alliesofhumnity (.org)

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Google - 'Alien Mom'.....

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I agree with Mariska - This book, The Allies of Humanity which is free on-line, fills in the missing gaps. It is essential reading.

Submitted by stepspractice (not verified) on
I agree with Mariska - This book, The Allies of Humanity which is free on-line, fills in the missing gaps. It is essential reading.

Submitted by stepspractice (not verified) on
I agree with Mariska - This book, The Allies of Humanity which is free on-line, fills in the missing gaps. It is essential reading.

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