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Microsoft, Armenia Sign Agreement - Microsoft Innovation Center in Armenia

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Cooperation Agreement between Government of Armenia and Microsoft Corporation was signed by Minister of Trade & Economic Development of the Republic of Armenia Karen Chshmaritian and Microsoft Corporation Chairman Bill Gates in Edinburgh on 30 January, 2007.

Yesterday in Edinburg the government of Armenia and Microsoft Corporation signed an agreement on cooperation, reports the press office of the RA Ministry of Trade and Economic Development. The agreement was signed by Minister Trade and Economic Development Karen Chshmarityan and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. According to the agreement, Microsoft will carry out a number of educational, investment and innovation programs in Armenia. Establishment of Microsoft Innovation Center is also expected.

For its part, the Armenian government should exert efforts for Microsoft copyright protection and assist in implementation of Microsoft software in the state government system.

The agreement is a logical continuation of the process of cooperation expansion with giants like Alcatel, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett&Packard. - By


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This news about Armenia and Microsoft is very logical to me. Armenia is fast becoming a leading outsourcing destination for IT sector. The workforce there is highly educated, at least bilingual and inexpensive. No wonder Alcatel, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard and others are already operating in Armenia.

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