The Good Wife: Alicia Florrick calls it quits

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Alicia's anxious and so are The Good Wife writers.

Last night's episode "The Missing," found Alicia in pieces and falling apart because her daughter Grace took an unprecedented trip into a seedy part of Chicago.

But backtrack to episode 9. The episode where the female soldier was charged with murder overseas in the US war in Afghanistan and against Iraq. Alicia gave the best arguments ever in military court. Alicia unveiled sexism in the workplace and communications delays, all of which likely factored in the soldier's decision to attack.

But the soldier, a sympathetic somewhat mousy blonde, was convicted anyway. In the end, the military tribunal judge scornfully admonished cold, cold Alicia, You never asked about the children killed, the female military judge said. Alicia's eyes grew wide in recognition that her personal life and her meanderings with Will Gardner are likely, by order of the universe, to place her children in danger.

Okay fine. So last Sunday transpires with no "The Good Wife" episode because there were award shows and other stuff meaningless to "The Good Wife" fans. Meanwhile, Twitter and Facebook users have time to weigh-in with the highly interactive "Good Wife" writers about whether or not they can tolerate Alicia and Will together much longer.

Last night, Alicia decided she couldn't tolerate Alicia and Will any longer. Alicia's been a big, bad mean momma during her actualized love fantasies with Will Gardner. She's alienated everyone. Kept secrets from her children.

At the top of the hour in last night's episode, Alicia awoke from nightmares that her children were unsafe. But we expected as much after episode 9--when Alicia's foil, the military woman, was sentenced to life after she'd killed innocent children and their parents.

People say divorce isn't about the kids, but Alicia and Peter prove that's not really true. Parents divorce and separate, ultimately, because they've got motives outside of their marriage. Alicia Florrick is no different.

Last night Alicia Florrick cracked. She'd spent the afternoon arguing a wrongful termination case against Michael J. Fox's character Louis Canning and the law school applicant she rejected because nepotism rules at Lockhart Gardner. Louis, like a psychic reader, kills Alicia softly with the pronouncement that she'll work for him. She'd work for him, Canning declares, because she needs to spend time with her children.

Alicia retorts that she doesn't like his clients. When she gets a manic 12 calls from Grace, she and Canning are riding around on wild goose chase or Grace. Alicia gets a call from Will, ignores it. And she calls Peter. She doesn't want to. She's arrogant and strung and afraid he'll dock her parenting skills, win full custody because she's so busy.

In the flurry of worry over Grace, who was in Church getting baptized by an ultra cool urban guy, Alicia left her briefcase in Canning's car.

Canning then steals a damaging email written by Alicia's client. Consequently Alicia loses her case. Twice in a row Alicia's lost sex harassment/discrimination cases. After Kalinda (Archie Punjabi) tracks Grace down and returns her home, Kalinda gracefully exits the Florrick family penthouse without a word of credit.

Kalinda and Will have drinks and Will cries on Kalinda's shoulder. Kalinda's really cool but it's clear now that Kalinda and Alicia's friendship didn't dissolve because of the Peter mess. But because Alicia wanted to satiate her id and superego secretly with Will.

Meanwhile, Diane, an eyewitness to the passionate Alicia and Will break-up and hug in the office, tells Will that Alicia will get over it.

But it's Will who's drowning.

And it doesn't look to fare much better for Will in the future. With the heat off Alicia, the story's likely to return to Will's dirty lawyer dilemmas. And his karma for bedding Peter Florrick's wife is likely to unleash fully as Season 3 comes to a close.


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Nothing is more important in our lives than our family and love relationships. Will and Alicia must not, cannot end. She can trust him with her feelings so much more than shallow Peter "The User". Will brings levity and self realization to Alicia. I wait impatiently for the writers to develop real opportunities for this love relationship growth as well as each of their personal growth in handling various issues. This is the core of why I watch GW. So many elements of the series are skilfully and creatively presented. But the core is the pull from this beautiful and talented twosome as acted by Julianna and Josh.

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