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UFO sightings warn of alien invasion, states Stephen Hawking who fears SETI’s search

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STONEFIELD BEACH, Ore. – The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) is the collective name for a search for intelligent extraterrestrial life, but famed British scientist Stephen Hawking is warning that the SETI efforts to actively “contact possible intelligent life out there is way too risky and dangerous,” states the new book “First Contact” that also notes how Hawking is convinced “that other higher life forms do exist in the galaxies and would more likely raid Earth for its resources and move on.”

“First Contact: Scientific Breakthroughs in the Hunt for Life Beyond Earth” by Marc Kaufman, the national editor for The Washington Post, is a recently published book that does not dispute alien life but, instead, fears it. In turn, there’s new promise of cracking the extraterrestrial barrier, writes Kaufman, who points to “prominent scientists from NASA to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from the Carnegie Institution of Washington to Princeton and Cambridge universities, have decided to ignore the giggle factor associated with UFOs and ET and join the quest.”

Moreover, the recently release British government documents -- that number more than 8,500 and include links to tens of thousands of other UFO sighting material – also confirm reports in Federal Bureau of Investigation files that are now available to the public on the Internet with the FBI’s “the Vault,” that also confirms that UFO sightings have been based on real events and facts that were previously put under lock and key to protect the public.

This story is number ten in an occasional series of reports about what the secret British UFO files contain, and what new information these documents reveal.

Alien life found both outside and on the Earth

“In the past 10 years we have found that hundreds of planets orbit distant suns not too different from our own and can reasonably infer that billions more exist,” writes Kaufman in his new book “First Contact.”

“Put all this together and the unavoidable question becomes whether, at bottom, we’re all Martians – quite literally descendants of life from Mars or other planets,” adds Kaufman in his First Contact book’s chapter “The Biggest Discovery of Them All.”

Moreover, the author presents views on what to do when the alien’s reveal themselves in mass and either take on the Earth or simply let it be as aliens have been doing for thousands of years.

“As someone who also advocates in favor of terra-forming Mars as a sanctuary for Earthlings after we ruin the planet, there is a certain irony to Hawking’s views,” writes Kaufman.

In turn, Kaufman references a statement given my Hawking – one of the most respected physicist’s in the world – earlier this year that’s alarming to those who view aliens as possibly friendly.

“We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet,” states Hawking in a statement that was not previously released to the public do to fear it would cause coming from one of the world’s top brains.

“I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can reach. If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans,” asserted Professor Hawking in his report on why he fears SETI or other contact with alien life.

In turn, the recently released British UFO documents presents numerous references to Hawking’s research on alien life in dozens of the 8,500 previously top secret UFO documents that the British government now feels the public can handle given the breakthroughs in the digital age.

Washington Post reporter digs deep to find the truth

“Marc Kaufman, a world-class reporter whose writing is clear and clean, is just the right author for First Contact. I found this book as thrilling as it is illuminating,” stated a review for the book that’s viewed by Oregon UFO “watchers” here at the popular UFO viewing site at Stonefield Beach as “answering those who fear invasion, but what about aliens who’ve already visited Earth and are still here living in various alien gangs.”

For instance, during recent big blue skies over the Pacific Ocean at Stonefield Beach – that later gave way to “a circle of light” that one local noted as “heaven opening up for another soul,” while others who watched this circle of light said “it’s a sign of reincarnation” from ancient days."

However, such a sighting is not unique given possible visits by UFOs, said Professor Hawking who also noted that heaven “is a fairy story,” in a recent interview.

Professor Hawking is also quoted in London’s “The Guardian” newspaper May 16 that “the notion of alien life is real, but dangerous."

At the same time, there are plenty of locals in this Pacific Northwest who attend reincarnation events where they go into a state of hypnotism to help recall their past lives that are tied to alien “first contact” encounters.

Hawking believes in science over God and is speaking out

Stephen Hawking, 69, has not had an easy life. He was diagnosed with A.L.S. at age 21, reports the London-based newspaper The Guardian May 16 in a report about the famous British physicist’s non-belief in an afterlife after being asked if he feared death.

"I have lived with the prospect of an early death for the last 49 years. I'm not afraid of death, but I'm in no hurry to die. I have so much I want to do first," he told the newspaper.

"I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven of afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people who are afraid of the dark."

British media analysts noted that Hawking – who many view as a genius in the mold of Albert Einstein – is now going beyond the comments he made about God and no afterlife in his 2010 book, “The Grand Design,” that The Guardian reported as “stirring up passions” with Hacking’s views that “science can explain the universe’s origin without invoking God.”

“Hawking has far outlived most people who have A.L.S., also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, producing important cosmological research and writing books. His A Brief History of Time, published in 1988, has sold more than 9 million copies,” stated The Guardian interview with Hawking a day before Hawking is scheduled to address the question “Why are we here?” at the Google “Zeitgeist” meeting in London where Hawking also warned scientists about SETI research as alerting aliens to Earth as easy pickings.

“In the talk,” according to The Guardian, “Hawking will argue that the tiny fluctuations in the very early universe became the seeds from which galaxies, stars, and ultimately human life emerged from possible alien contact.”

"Science predicts that many different kinds of universe will be spontaneously created out of nothing. It is a matter of chance which we are in," Hawking said.

SETI researchers view alien life as hopefully friendly

The new “First Contact” book also states that the proponents of “active SETI assume that any civilization they would have the good fortune to contact would be harmless and interested in who were are and what we know. There’s no evidence that this is true or false; it’s just what they believe,” writes Kaufman.

In turn, there has been alien found both on Earth and other planets but the various governments have kept such news top secret due to fears that the public would freak out.

“The controversy over a definition for ‘life’ has actually been around for some time, even inside NASA, and it became a serious problem and even embarrassment in 1976 when the agency landed two Viking spacecrafts on Mars in a self-described search for life. To the initial delight of the Viking scientists, a key biology experiment on both Viking landers gave a strong signal that ‘life had been found,” writes Kaufman.

UFO sightings linked to Area 51 while alien speaks out in Salem, Oregon

Also, Journalist Annie Jacobsen told National Public Radio (NPR) in a May 17 interview that the famed “Area 51” has remained classified for many years — “not because of aliens or spaceships, but because the government once used the site for top-secret nuclear testing and weapons development.”

At the same time, the Library of Congress released photos of a known “alien group” or “gang” that called themselves the “Holy and Undivided Trinity of Castle Rising.”

This alleged group of aliens looked like modern witches with their strange hats, but reports in the British UFO files point to several members of this “alien group” – based at one time in Norfolk, England – as still being alive, with some members identified in North America both in the early 20th and 21st centuries.

In “Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base,” Jacobsen details “how several agencies — including the Atomic Energy Commission, the Department of Defense and the CIA — once used the site to conduct controversial and secretive research on aircraft and pilot-related projects, including planes that traveled three times faster than the speed of sound and nuclear-propelled, space-based missile launch systems.”

Millions of UFO documents now available to the public

At the same time, both the FBI and British UFO files contain numerous references to Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell's call for the America to release “all UFO documents in government files and to acknowledge the extraterrestrial presence.” In turn, fellow Mercury Astronaut Gordon Cooper made the same demands 30 years ago, but his recommendations to both the FBI and federal government were simply placed in secret files that are now in the public domain.

For instance, Journalist Annie Jacobsen, in her new bestseller – “Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base” – reveals information that was previously classified as top secret by the U.S. military and FBI.

Jacobsen, a reporter for the L.A. Times and Wall Street Journal, whose based in Los Angeles, is created by the New York Times for her reporting on this subject of UFOs that often paints the “messenger” or the reporter as a nut or something trying to “hoax” the public.

"Although this connect-the-dots U.F.O. thesis is only a hasty-sounding addendum to an otherwise straightforward investigative book about aviation and military history, it makes an indelible impression. Area 51 is liable to become best known for sci-fi provocation. But the book is noteworthy for its author’s dogged devotion to her research,” the New York Times stated in a recent review of her book.

Jacobesen writes that Area 51 is: “Seventy-five miles north of Las Vegas sits a land parcel in the middle of the desert. Called Area 51, the parcel is just outside of the abandoned Nevada Test and Training Range, where more than 100 atmospheric bomb tests were conducted in the 1950s. Officially, the U.S. government has never acknowledged the existence of Area 51. Unofficially, it has become a place associated with conspiracy theories, alien landings and tiny spaceships.”

The recently released British UFO documents contain numerous references to Area 51 as America’s most secret domestic military facility.

In turn, Jacobsen writes that the “key to understanding Area 51 is knowing that it sits inside the largest government-controlled land parcel in the United States, the Nevada Test and Training Range. Encompassing 4,687 square miles, this area is just a little smaller than the state of Connecticut — three times the size of Rhode Island, and more than twice as big as Delaware. Set inside this enormous expanse is a smaller parcel of land, 1,350 square miles, called the Nevada Test Site, the only facility like it in the continental United States.

Anyone can read parts of the British files on line

The release of these British UFO documents includes 35 large files that can be viewed at

It should also be noted that the files are available to download free of charge for one month at this U.K. National Archives website.

Image source of President Barack Obama talking with Professor Stephen Hawking in the White House before a ceremony presenting him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009. The Medal of Freedom is the nation's highest civilian honor: Wikipedia


Submitted by ccynbolynn (not verified) on
I am 53 years old and a survivor of alien abduction. I have always felt that sending out information about our planet was a terrific mistake that will make us vulnerable to anyone intelligent enough to receive it. I am afraid for all of us, and hope that the extraterrestrials picking up our homing signals won't be intolerant of us or see us simply as a food source or a commodity, and since sending vital info about our planet on Voyager many years ago if they have far advanced technology they will come here. There is just so much proof that there are other people here and have been observing us for over a thousand years that it would be rediculous to laugh it all off and dismiss the inevitable. These strangers have been here, and they will come back. We know it, we just do not know what their intentions will be or how to protect ourselves. If you saw the new show on Nat Geo about what we would do it is laughable. Thats all we got to protect ourselves? Then if someone does come and everyone knows it, it is possible that we are doomed. But then again, this is and always has been a very dangerous planet with many dangerous regimes...I pray for peace. On the issue of God, God bless Steven Hawkings. I would be a very bitter person in his position and I know our entire world has been blessed by his presence and his knowledge. Thank You...CC

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The fact that you misspelled "ridiculous" makes me doubt your credibility. The fact the author of this article writes: "Jacobsen, a reporter for the L.A. Times and Wall Street Journal, whose based in Los Angeles, is created by the New York Times for her reporting on this subject of UFOs that often paints the “messenger” or the reporter as a nut or something trying to “hoax” the public." makes me doubt the credibility of the editor!!! Surely, she must have been credited and NOT created by the New York Times!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You're an alien abduction survivor?...peyote....That is hilarious!....LSD,....You were, uh, "probed" were you?.....mushrooms....What color is the sky in your World?.....PCP.....I have to think people around you NEVER stop laughing!.....heroin....You ever see "Men In Black"?... -Thanks, man...that is funny stuff!

Submitted by ejlorge (not verified) on
ET visitation is a reality, not a some probability and there are dozens and dozens of intelligent pilots, government officials and military personnel who will testify to this fact. I don't know if Hawking is dumbing-down what he REALLY thinks, for fear of ridicule, but this is not a hypothetical situation. The above poster, ccynbolynn, makes a very good point: As it stands, if the only real informational tool we citizens have are a few cheesy documentaries on cable (aside from "fringe" news sources)— then that's a problem. Ask yourself, what interest would a government have in admitting alien aircraft are flying our skies with impunity(?) And yet they do.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
hawkins...i have been trying to express what you wrote about such God ...yes after many years believing that he is a good GOD i woke up one morning a few years back and realizing that there is no such person but one that humans themselves conjure...those who are afraid of the dark like you correctly said and those who loves to believe their failures in life would be compensated by sitting beside GOD in heaven after death....and the existence of aliens and trying to contact would be a mistake...i wholeheartedly agree...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Thanks for just paraphrasing everything written in this article and stating that you agree with it. You could have just said you agree with HAWKING and that would have sufficed.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I would have to disagree with what Hawkings says about aliens wanting to raid and move on because for that fact that there a many planets in between us and them (assuming they are lightyears away) that house the same if not better resources then out planet. Now for food would be understand able but once again many other planets that could harbour life that might be between them and us. But thats just my opinion against one of the smartest men alive. lol

Submitted by Skeptical (not verified) on
Hawking says: "I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven of afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people who are afraid of the dark." However, I think that Hawking's irrational fears of aliens stem from his primary fear that aliens will be just like us. There is evidence that this is simply not true: If aliens truly wanted to exploit the planet (or we humans) why hasn't such a thing taken place already? What is stopping them? Wouldn't the time to undertake such domination fantasies have been more opportune when we were still hunter-gatherers living in the forest and no threat to technologically advanced folks as we may well be now? Hawking's fears are irrational. His fantasies of alien invasion have no basis in any reality other than our rather sociopathic human one. This stuff is pure paranoid demagoguery from a fellow whose half-baked opinions carry entirely too much weight. These declarations amount to Chicken Little hysteria without the benefit of an inspiring acorn. This is nonsense of the highest order. Too bad so many will mistake it for intellectual manna from heaven. It isn't enough that humanity is myopically poisoning our fragile earthly environment, but now we get presumably hyper-intelligent people poisoning our collective consciousness as well. If you will pardon the irony, God help us....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You state "If aliens truly wanted to exploit the planet (or we humans) why hasn't such a thing taken place already? "Gods" have been inciting war between men even as early as since Cain and Abel...think about it

Submitted by marcos anthomy ... (not verified) on
How do you know that we haven't been contacted who were the entities that the prophets of the Bible and the Koran make a deal with. The Judo-Christo-Islamics fools are hell bent on selling out all life in this solar system to their master or masters whom they have never seen and for the last thousands of years have created the social mess we are in. If you whated a perfect way of enslaving I can think of no better way of doing it.


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