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UFO sightings with strange sounds worldwide, while radium called alien gift

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STONEFIELD BEACH, Ore. – Several members of the Oregon UFO “watchers” group – who meet here at the secluded Stonefield Beach along the Oregon coast – report a rash of “strange noises or sounds” that both they and others worldwide are hearing after viewing a UFO sighting.

Reports from ufologists worldwide – that are funneled to members of the Oregon UFO “watchers” who meet regularly here at Stonefield Beach or up the coast at Bray’s Point to view what’s become “regular UFO sightings” – note “mysterious” or “strange noises or sounds” that seem to ring in both the surrounding environment, and “one’s ears” (and it’s not tinnitus) after a UFO sighting. “We’ve read about these noises for a long time now, and it’s starting to bug us now because we can’t get the sounds out of our heads,” asserts Errol, who’s a “watcher” leader and a Vietnam War veteran who admits to a long list of ills, but not tinnitus, or ringing in one’s ears. In turn, it was 101 years ago, on Jan. 20, 1911, that the American avant guard artist and self-proclaimed “hybrid alien” Loie Fuller gave a “Lecture on Radium” in London that astounded the world when she unveiled something called “Radium,” that she explained “can bring to our vision those things which we cannot see, but one can hear its influence.”

Strange sounds at Stonefield Beach

Fuller also talked of “magic in the air” back 101 years ago, stating that “nature’s magic” also comes from outer space “yet no one understand its being, or cause of being, nor its results of being.”

In turn, those who watch the sky here at Stonefield Beach, admit that the “strange sounds” are not just something coming from the local environment or even the mighty Pacific Ocean, but “something very strange;” with locals here on the coast calling it a sort of “keening wail,” or sounds in one’s head with frequencies “that pluck at the nerves in your brain.”

For instance, locals told Huliq, during a Jan. 19 interview, that researchers from nearby Oregon State University are checking out the reports of “strange sounds,” that’s now been described as “distant brittle cracks that stretch like a tightwire through the air;” with others saying these noises have caused a “ceaseless hum in one’s head.”

Science tries to explain away those “sounds” in your head

As a sign of the times, Google trends notes that the term “strange sounds” as a popular “search” suddenly rose after each recent UFO sighting; while a Jan. 16 report on numerous overseas TV stations stated that a persistent and “strange humming sound” has been reported worldwide; with complaints coming in by the thousands in England, Sweden, Canada, the U.S., Hungary, Denmark, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic and Russia that these “strange noises” are heard out in public, in the environment, and most alarmingly in “people’s heads.”

While leading scientists says these reports of strange noises or sounds in the air is “fascinating,” the official scientific explanation for the sounds, according to, is a based on a new scientific theory from “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), where researchers from the University of Liege in Belgium “used brain imaging to study responses to sounds” claimed to be happening after UFO sightings; while ufologists have different views on the “why” of the sounds being “possible pre-invasion” communications, or simply “a way to drive people on Earth crazy” before “they” reveal themselves in mass.

In turn, PNAS scientists’ thing human “perception of the environment” may be influenced after a UFO sighting or even an alien abduction. However, the extent to which the human brain responds to environmental noises – from the planet or even the universe – “remains unclear.”

Science can't pin-point sounds?

Also, noted in a report early last year, those PNAS scientists who are studying “brain activity in the face of noise” being “controlled by specific brain waves” differs with those people studied in different parts of the world.

In particular, reported that “waves called sleep 'spindles' prevent the transmission of sounds to auditory brain regions. Conversely, when sounds are associated with brain waves called 'K-complexes', activation of auditory areas is larger.”

Thus, scientists can prove where these strange sounds are coming from due to “human perception of the environment” is still not fully understood; in much the same way as was radium back 100 years ago.

Sounds occur after a UFO sighting

Also, in January 2012, the big news with ufologists worldwide is “what’s causing these mysterious noises or sounds,” that are being reported right after a UFO sighing and then linger in the brains of humans who report “going a little crazy because we get the sounds out of our heads.”

Moreover, Errol said that he and other Oregon UFO “watchers” – who communicate via the Internet with contacts worldwide – report that “nothing has caught our attention more than the great number of reports since the start of 2012 about these strange noises or sounds “that people from every part of the planet report both in the air outside and in their minds or brains.”

In fact, the FBI’s once top secret UFO files and documents – that are now public in an edited format on “The Vault,”, feature a report about Loie Fuller and most especially about the link between “sounds” associated with post-UFO sightings that span more than 60 years of documented reports; including people “going mad” after not being able to get these possible “alien noises” our of their mind or brain.

Loie Fuller exposes alien sounds 101 years ago

“Let us first understand what we mean by the word magic,” stated Loie Fuller in the opening of her now famous “Lecture on Radium” in London, some 101 years ago, on Jan. 20, 1911. “Magic is a mystery and a thing of mystery because we do not understand it. There are two magic’s and many mysteries which are not magical but what I wish to refer to now are those that come under the head of magic. There

She was called a “quite eccentric choreographer,” but Mary Louise Fuller – known by ufologists and art fans as “Loie Fuller” – was much more than someone that history books note “could impress and even scare the infamous Isadora Duncan.” History books also call Fuller a “hypochondriac and perhaps mentally ill for her claims to have communed with aliens; while even dubbing herself a “hybrid,” due to her out of this world points of view.

For instance, Fuller formed a close friendship with Queen Marie of Romania at a time when Romania’s “Transylvania” region in the central part of the country, and nearby Carpathian mountain range, were ripe with reports of UFO sightings and aliens being viewed as vampires, werewolves and other creatures that locals could not easily explain away some 100 years ago.

Fuller was friends with Madam Curie

Leading scientific histories point to “Loie Fuller” as much more than just an eccentric, or hypochondriac, but as someone who had a her own scientific laboratory, and telescope, who was considered “marvelously intelligent beyond human abilities,” stated her close friends Marie Sklodowska-Curie (Madam Curie) and her husband Pierre Curie, who are credited with the discovery of radium, in the form of radium chloride, when the Curie’s announced it in 1898.

Thus, this unique woman -- who claimed she communed with aliens “from another world” -- prompting Loie Fuller’s friends, the Curie’s, to get Fuller on board the radium bandwagon and proclaim the good news about “this magic,” during Fuller’s famous London lecture some 101 years ago, on Jan. 20, 1911.

Moreover, a recently published book, “Radioactive: Marie and Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love and Fallout” by Lauren Rednisss, opens with Fuller’s London lecture statement.

Radium is a chemical element with atomic number 88, represented by the symbol Ra, states a University of Oregon physics text book; while also explaining that “radium is an almost pure-white alkaline Earth metal, but it readily oxidizes on exposure to air, becoming black in color. All isotopes of radium are highly radioactive, with the most stable isotope being radiu-226, which has a “half-life of 1601 years and decays into radon gas.

Fuller states radium a “gift from the gods”

Fuller, in the close to her famous 1911 lecture in London on “Radium,” stated that: “If it can show us the soul as it leaves man by registering it on the photographic plate, if it can be the means of photographing our imagination, so that the eye can see it, what will we not believe, we materialists who think that only things we realized with our human senses are real. To see, to feel, to smell, to hear, to taste, these are only invisible facts – but which we acknowledge are real – the sensations of horror that kills, of grief that prostrates, joy that uplifts, and faith that cures – what if these things can be registered and seen apart from the body, are they not then material things? And, may they not indicate that other invisible materials and beings exist – which are in reality material if, we had the human capacity for observing them?”

Image source of a rare portrait of Loïe Fuller, by Frederick Glasier, in 1902, when Fuller presented herself on stage with the “sound that the Earth makes” which is sometimes silent, and sometimes very loud as recently expressed by concerned citizens of the world who are reporting strange sounds in their local environment and even “in their minds” after the now somewhat usual UFO sightings in the sky where they live. Photo courtesy Wikipedia from the link:


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I’m reading the recently released “Exegesis of Philip K Dick” (it’s hard to limit its scope, I suggest checking out its Amazon page for a general idea of what it’s about), and came across something interestin­g. Now, while these “sounds” might turn out to be one giant hoax, it seems like there are more than enough disparate reports that at least some of these might be legitimate. What “it” might be, I have no clue. But get a load of this: “Man as a species now ascends to a totally new level of intelligen­ce, such as I experience­d in 2-3-74. This will permit an articulation by the ecosphere that we will hear. This has never been the case before. I am saying that we will hear the voice of the ecosphere and we will enter into dialogue with it; Dio! “The voice of the ecosphere”­! “We will hear it.” This is Pierre Teilhard’s noosphere. This is not a disembodie­d voice or mind but speaks for all creatures. … Were it to signal us we would most likely experience – or rather seem to experience – the sort of uncanny “one-way” informatio­n intrusions such as occur in Ubik. It is aware of us and our involvemen­t in it, but we are not; thus, where it deliberate­ly signals us we would note the signal and react appropriat­ely but have no notion – nor even perception – what – if anything – had done the signaling.­ It would be as if the palpable signal came out of an invisible yet tangent – i.e., immediate – source. … Not only is there no way to tell what the signal (stimulus) is arising from. There isn’t even a where.” (p. 822-823) There’s some more, and earlier he describes it as “the ecosphere cries out in pain." Again, this isn’t the entire gist of PKD’s “Exegesis” (it really is broad in scope, but focuses on investigat­ing his “2-3-74″ experience­), but I was just struck with coming across this descriptio­n (only yesterday) coupled with the timing of the “Strange Sounds” videos. While it may be a bit of a leap, I found it interestin­g nevertheless. Another interesting book to look into (which touches on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s noosphere concept and what he dubbed “Omega Point”) is Terence and Dennis McKenna’s “The Invisible Landscape”. Or, I guess, Teilhard’s own book on the matter, “The Phenomenon of Man” (personally haven’t read this one yet). (check out “Noosphere” and “Omega Point” on Wikipedia for a rundown of the concepts)

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
In astronomy an ecosphere is an imaginary shell of space surrounding stars where conditions are such that life might survive. I got that definition off of Wikipedia meaning maybe aliens are involved.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
In ecology, it means a planetary ecosystem consisting of the atmosphere, the geosphere (lithosphere), the hydrosphere, and the biosphere (would also include theoretical noosphere). I got that definition off of Wikipedia as well (minus the noosphere), no word on alien involvement.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Microwave transmissions at human brainwave frequencies have been developed by cia & dod since 70's and in use since 80's -direct experience (for supporting evidence see Dr Nick Begich site -links are in products -got to "mindcontrol" book sale -the links are hidden there and can read the ALL the official documentation) ..the "tuning" is characterized by pops and crackles then becomes a noise in the head which CAN contain post hypnotic suggestions at a lower frequency with the higher being a distraction). The US now uses rectangular helium filled craft of light composite material the size of a football field to navigate the atmospheric limits .. for TRANSMITTING, spy & military apps. -these craft have been seen over Belgium and much of Western Europe recently (appeared to follow highways -navigation malfunction?) .. these craft have been reported seen by MANY reputable sources world wide including the great Art bell -in the Nevada desert where experimental and super secret craft are well known to be based .. There are reports of entire small nations seeing them .. but how often do we look up? The descriptions of the noise qualities and the presence of strange craft sound all too familiar -The call for the ethical use of these technologies cannot take place not acknowledged by those who control them. We are on the brink of subjugation by aliens of our own race -it can be used on us and we will never even know it .. by compartmentalizing tasks even the operators are unaware of what the purpose is behind their individual orders. There must be a concerted effort to force this into the public .. the US and the globe cannot be allowed to belong to a select few who have hijacked this technology for themselves .. we are at the brink now where science fiction is now reality .. this is an urgent call to the rest of humanity before it is too late .. please see the evidence, the govt documents, patents, et all at Dr Nick Begich site -we need to bring it into the open could be the beginning of a new age of serfdom or can open up a new age of human enlightenment -the potential for speed learning, mental illness and so much more is staggering .. so why not let this into the public domain? I think the reasons are ominously clear.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
check it out, project blue beam forsaw this, unite the world under one religion or kill everyone, very fascinating as well as the harrp project ......the fact we drill adn suck the life out of the earth by using its layer of hydrogen sulphide and crude oils and replacing it with nothing, no fuck you, your have AIDS!!!

Submitted by Jesse Komm (not verified) on
"So difficult is it; discerning insanity from prophecy."

Submitted by Bodhidogma (not verified) on
The article sites a study from Liege, Belgium on ScienceDaily and yet, when I searched on the site I could find no such article... Please provide links! Thanks.

Submitted by kundalinirising... (not verified) on
I am an intuitive and have been following these strange sounds and after listening to "Sounds of Space" and "Sounds of Earth from Space" I feel there is a match with the strange sounds posted on YT. I was not familiar with this artists and am so thankful to learn about her as she seems like my kinda gal... I live in Ashland and have been wanting to come to the coast for some skywatching. If there is a way I can join you all at the coast some time I would be happy to make the trip... Donna

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
What Are The Strange Sounds Being Heard Around The World? Mind Control and More! Prophet Linda Newkirk received a very shocking warning about these sounds just after it started in Kiev last September. I assure that they are no longer experimenting with these sounds. I can also assure you that these assaults on the population are not going to stop. The Great Tribulation is roaring to life before our very eyes. Brother will indeed rise against brother as the populations become riddled with demons. Linda has posted an update to her warnings from last September, here it is. "You would be very wise to cease to listen to these sounds. These low-level sounds have a very terrible effect on the body. These sounds cause the lower nerve center of the body to oscillate at a lower frequency, to slow down in its circulation, and to open up. When this happens, demonic entities can quickly enter into one’s body. This lower neurological center is also the “seat” of the soul. This is the place where the soul is attached to one’s body. When one listens to these sounds, one may experience an actual pain, or vibration in the lower abdominal area, or at the base of the spine. This sensation may be pronounced, or very subtle. Many may not notice this strange sensation at all as most people are not really focused on any inner sensations, but have their eyes and ears glued to the outside world. These Satanists are not at all stupid. They know exactly what they are doing in pummeling the people with these terrible sounds. But, the people do not know and they are literally opening themselves to demonic possession, to very great mind control, and even in due season to the easing of the soul from its housing in the body, or in the causing of an unstable connection of the soul to one’s body. This, then, is creating something like a dissociative state. The unstable ones will fall first. Hear me in this. This is a very serious problem, but sadly many will not listen. Do not spend your time listening to these sounds. You may already be in trouble." The Shaping of the Hive Mind! Now, My Blessed Child, I know what you have in your heart and what you wish to know about. And, I shall now give you understanding about the loud and cacophonous sounds, which are being directed towards certain areas in the Russian governances. My Blessed Child, who knows the mind of a bird, or why it chooses to fly in one direction, and not another? And, who knows why some flocks of birds all fly in unison? My Lord, you know. Yes, My Little One, I know and relative to the latter, some speak of the “hive mind.” Yes, My Lord, (they speak) of many, who operate as one. Know, My Blessed Child, that this is the New World Order goal and the New World Order mindset. Understand? Yes, my Lord. Now, My Blessed Child, through their great assaults against their own people, many of whom are indeed godless, empty souls, the Russian/Satanic Alliance is intent upon creating one mind. But, Father, how so? My Blessed Child, through this barrage of dis-harmonic sounds, they are seeking to cause the people to emerge as one through the simultaneous opening of the lower neurological centers, which tie them to base human emotions, like sex, fear and dread. With the opening of the lower and primary nerve centers, they are also preparing for a greater demonic infiltration/possession and a loosing of the soul at the level of the attachment of the soul, at the level of the lowest neurological centers. (Note: at the base of the spine.) With the soul at loose attachment, they will also seek to drive some souls from their bodies, or to create a dissociative state for the body (and soul), thereby creating armies of automatons. This is one great experiment, but still on a small scale and will most assuredly work, especially on many of those, who are already devoid of My light. However, My Little One, for those, who love Me, this is a time of very terrible and very severe trials and few will overcome the great inner stresses, which are created by this great assault on the lower nerve centers, if they do not remain extremely close to Me at all times. To overcome in the midst of such assaults against these nerve centers will truly require that one loves Me above all and truly loves others. For, through true love, one will overcome. See? Yes, my Lord. My Blessed Child, you know what you have suffered, as you are the earth mother of My very own Son of light and fire, the holy manchild of Revelation Chapter Twelve; and you have suffered through great torture and persecution. Therefore, My Blessed Child, you know well the depravity of Satan and his many barbaric hoards and that you cannot fight these battles, but must surrender totally to Me, and die to self and to things of the world. You know that you must truly love Me and others and that you must truly forgive, each and every day, that you may be forgiven. My Little One, through your great suffering, you have learned much and I have supernaturally carried you through years of great terror, suffering, and heartache, but, My Blessed Child, the people sleep. The spiritually blind and deaf not only do not see and hear, but refuse to see and hear. The time of the great sorting is now. This is the time that I warned of in previous times, that in the latter days, the times would be more severe that at any times since there was a nation. The War of the Worlds For, Satan and the wicked and rebellious ones, who fought against the light, have been thrown down. They all know that their time is short and now you find yourselves in a war of the worlds. For, they bring into your midst their terrible weapons and terrible technologies and you can in no way fight them. Therefore, all who, will not die to self and to things of this world, and who will not submit to Me in love and obedience, and with their whole hearts, will fall. Many will now die in their sins. Many rebellious ones will rise and take up guns and die by the sword. Many will erroneously believe that they can rebel against the New World Order and its terrible weapons and live, but many, many will die. I am sorting, busy sorting out souls! And, into My palm go the pure of heart. Though some (of these pure ones) will die a physical death, none of them will feel the sting of death. For, even though some of them will be martyred, indeed the appointed ones, all will leave with joy unparalleled in their hearts. Send this out, that My people may read and understand. But, the spiritually blind and deaf will not understand. They will not see and hear, though they read. Oh, my Lord, I am so troubled about this “hive mind” and about those, who will fall victim to such great evils. Oh, Father, have mercy on the lost. Father, remember Your promises to me, that You would allow me to see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls. Oh, Father, this great evil (of the hive mind) is so terrible. Have mercy on the lost! Yes, My Blessed Child, it is truly dreadful. But, even so, it is written; and it shall come to pass. Yet, I shall also bring forth My Holy Sons and My kingdom shall come forth in all of its glory. The sorting of the souls is now. Hear Me in this, oh you rebellious house; for in My House, there will be no rebellion! I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God. As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of September, 2011, Prophecies Org

Submitted by cmk (not verified) on
I remember things from my child hood and then again some 15 years later and the scariest was losing 25-45 minutes while driving. I think I have had dreams about being somewhere. I have a tiny pin hole in my index finger from a dream I think, it does not go away. This month I heard a distant but near banging at underground or enclosed in a large area heavy deep metal bang. I also have heard and filmed a noise like running your finger around the top of a crystal glass....but a deep pitch. I do hear ringing and humming but this has been going on for years. Please no crazy lady comments...I don't believe half my experiences myself.


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